I am for law and order.

Tougher penalties for criminals.

A more responsible use of public money.

A smaller state.

Less bureaucracy.

Immigration that takes into account our reception capacity.

And I’m suspicious of people who think that everything old is outdated and who dream of throwing our traditions in the trash.


All this makes me, it seems, a “right-wing guy”.

Personally, I don’t see how giving harsher sentences to criminals is “right wing”. In my opinion, it’s just logical, wanting to live in safety does not seem to me to be a right or a left value (“There’s no left and right, there’s only up and down”, as Bob Dylan said), but, well , if it is necessary at all costs to stick me a label, I accept it.

Being considered “right wing” doesn’t scare me.

If it can make Radio-Canada columnists happy…

If it can give them an orgasm every time they say I’m a “mean right-wing columnist”…

But just as the left is plagued by woke cancer, the traditional right (the one that defends the values ​​I mentioned at the beginning of the article) is threatened by an evil that I would call “Trumpism”.

Look at the Republican Party.

This party was once a great party, which defended honourable, respectable values.

It has become a party of clowns.

A club of idiots.

An association of morons.

And if this continues, the Conservative Party of Canada will slide down the same slope.

Which leads straight into the ditch.


What are the symptoms allowing us to recognize that a good old militant of the traditional right is suffering from “Trumpism”?

Trending on Canadian News  Anti-abortion rally held outside Alberta legislature as debate percolates


Instead of defending institutions, he attacks them.

Trump calling on his followers to storm the Capitol, with Poilievre saying take Canada’s monetary system out of the hands of bankers and the Bank of Canada.

It’s the same delirium.

Another symptom: a propensity to see conspiracies everywhere.

The Democrats run a network of pedophiles who organize satanic orgies in the basement of pizzerias.

Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro, and like his dictator father, he wants to take away our rights and freedoms.

Third symptom: seeing any call for solidarity as a direct attack on our freedoms.

Wear the mask? But this is the dictatorship! Quick, let’s take the capital by storm, LIBAAAAAAAAARTÉ!!!!!


That right freaks me out and makes me nauseous.

For me, this is a caricature of the right.

This enraged and angry right, which defends the right to convey lies and to ruin reputations on the airwaves.

This ignorant right, which despises culture.

This stupid right, which distrusts science.

This moralizing right, which is against abortion and gay marriage.

This right “big tank, big gun” which rolls mechanics.

This right that flatters the lowest instincts of the “people” instead of addressing their intelligence.

This right puts my right to shame.

How the Wokes shame the left.


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