The return of “Prose combat”, the album that dedicated MC Solaar

Twenty years without being able to buy MC Solaar’s first four albums. Abstinence has finally ended thanks to the reissue, Friday, September 24, of its centerpiece Combat prose, first published on February 7, 1994.

Scrambled with his former record company Polydor, after an appeal in 2004 which prohibited the latter from exploiting his albums, the rapper and his team finally found a compromise so that these major works of French hip-hop culture but also French song heritage can finally be listened to on streaming platforms, on the sharing site, YouTube, or purchased in stores.

It was time. “All the young rappers I met in the studios thought my career had started in 2001”, laughs the fifty-something musician. The experience could have made more than one artist bitter, but not him.

The “virtuoso of words”

He says that at first he was rather relieved to get his masters back. Their exploitation would have required too long months of legal proceedings. “I preferred to work on other projects. In my daily life, it didn’t bother me, I didn’t think about it anymore. And then I started to meet younger musicians who didn’t know Who sows the wind reaps the tempo Where Combat prose because they were born in 1992. “ MC Solaar has definitely kept his cool attitude from the 1990s.

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When Mc Solaar entered the studio at the end of 1993 to record his second album, he left the huge audience of Who sows the wind reaps the tempo sold more than 400,000 copies with the tubes Caroline, Get out of here, Fashion victim. It is the first big success of French rap.

The one who is called in real life Claude M’Barali, a philosophy student in Jussieu and resident of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne), originally from Senegal, then becomes the one that all the trays are snapping up – “The exceptional client of the media, the courteous and little anxiety-provoking boy”, writing Release In 1994.

The album Combat prose will pass the young man from the status of a nice rapper to that of a poet, the “Virtuoso of words” (for The world In 1994). Even academician Maurice Druon is full of praise: “MC Solaar restores poetry”, he assures. This second album will in any case give credibility to French rap and make it the best agent of the French language. Its paronomases, its alliterations, its assonances, its flows studied to the millimeter will enchant songs such as The hemoglobin concubine, A La Claire Fontaine, Obsolete, Sequelae, Prose combat.

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