The restoration of Barcelona asks the client to collaborate with the covid passport

Against the clock, as has happened with each new restriction due to covid-19, the Catalan restoration prepares to meet tomorrow the requirement of the covid passport to its clients. The collective fears that technical problems may occur, or that in some small businesses it is difficult to absorb this extra work, but it will turn to the new measure. Any precaution is preferable before cutting hours or capacity again, the sector agrees. The Barcelona Restoration Guild has made a call for the ones Clients collaborate making this health data as easy as possible.

The employer indicates that each establishment will decide which control system incorporatesEither at the entrance of the premises (the most suitable in the case of restaurants with staff who receive and accompany the diner) or at the time when the waiter attends an interior table, which is where the measure affects. “We are preparing to implement it in record time,” they assume, making it clear that they are not “policemen.”

The verification It is simple if there are no technical problems with the enabled web or internet. It is enough for the staff to have a mobile phone with a camera or a tablet to quickly carry out the management. But ensuring efficiency and that staff can cope with busy times, customer collaboration will be crucial. having your downloaded or paper QR code handy. And also your ID, since personal identification is necessary on paper.

Punctual cancellations

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Its general director, Roger Pallarols, has stressed that the attitude of the clientele has always been key to reactivate business after the worst of the pandemic, so he has now insisted on his involvement to be able to fit in this temporary measure that allows working without further ado restrictions. The same spokesman has insisted that to encourage vaccination the measure should be extended to other businesses and spaces, instead of always putting restaurants in the spotlight.

He has warned that despite the strong revival that the sector was experiencing, the latest data have begun to generate “specific” cancellations, for which he has once again defended that bars and restaurants are safe spaces.

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