The president who was wrong countless times tells the followers of the sect ‘I was right about everything’

Donald Trump - Credit: AP

Donald Trump – Credit: AP

The pregame show for Trump’s rally in Nebraska was just as wild as the main event. The crowd danced to the tune of the YMCA. my pillow boy Mike Lindell said he wants to “meet with” Elon Musk about “what happened to our voting machines.”

Republican candidate for Governor of Nebraska Carlos Herbsterwhose eight women have accused of touching or kissing them inappropriately, called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be charged, saying he wants to “get sex education out of schools and back into the homes where it belongs.” And all of this preceded a typically self-absorbed speech from donald trumpwhere he supported Herbster’s primary race.

Trump took the stage while playing “Proud to be an American.” He then told the crowd: “I could have gotten out of this.” The rally, originally scheduled for Friday, had to postpone due to potential severe weather in the area.

In promoting Herbster, Trump said the candidate accused of assault by multiple women was “a good man, a very good man.” (Trump has been credibly accused of sexual harassment or assault by at least 18 women).

But Trump only gave Herbster a few sentences at first, lest he focus on anyone but himself for too long. The former president then launched into his usual rant, criticizing the Biden administration; complain about gas prices; praising the “accomplishments” of his own administration, including the unfinished border wall and “the creation of the Space Force.”

“I think he was right about everything!” Trump exclaimed at one point. (According washington postTrump made false or misleading claims a total of 30,573 times during his four years in office.)

He later returned to the topic of Herbster, citing the accusations against him as the reason he decided to travel to Nebraska for the rally. “Charles W., good man… he has been much maligned and it is a shame. That’s why I came here. It would have been easier to say: ‘I’m not coming’. I go out, I defend people when I know they are good… I have to defend my friends.” Trump then painted the accusations against Herbster as “he talked to someone, he talked” (which is not true, eight women have accused the candidate of touching, grabbing, or kissing them without consent) before adding again that she could have gotten away with speaking at this event, “I could have gone to the beach!”

Elsewhere in the speech, Trump ranted that Putin “would never have” invaded Ukraine “on my watch.” “So many people have been killed… That whole place is a mess. That whole mess is a mess that should never have happened.” And he, as usual, bragged about supplying Ukraine with weapons that he was accused of trying to delay, complained that European nations don’t contribute enough to NATO, and complained about the “Mueller shit.”

Of course, it’s not a Trump rally without lies about the 2020 election. “The election was rigged and stolen,” Trump read from the prompter without enthusiasm, more as if he were reading a shopping list than a list of complaints. “And now our country is being destroyed by it. Such stupid decisions are being made.”

Trump accused Fox News of distancing himself from him and trying to do “Trumpism without Trump.” “Who likes Trumpism without Trump? Does anyone like it? he asked the crowd. “I don’t think so. I don’t know.” He later mused, “Maybe they’ll hire me as a presenter. We’ll do a riff. I just tell it like it is… We will get the highest grades ever. Let’s make Donald Trump head of disfigure the nation either Meet the fake press.”

The last part of the speech included a horribly transphobic tirade. “No teacher should be able to teach our children transgender,” Trump said. “Save our children, keep men out of women’s sports,” he added. Trump then said that if transgender players were allowed in basketball and he coached, “I would have five guys on my team because I want to win.” If he was a basketball coach, I would have five men on my team because I want to win. I’d stick with LeBron,” he said, joking that he would ask the NBA player, “LeBron, did you ever think about becoming a woman?”

Trump also touted other candidates he has endorsed in the 2022 election, or so. “We have endorsed Dr. Oz. We’ve backed JP, right? JD Mandel. And he is doing great. They are all doing well. They are all doing well. And let’s see what happens.”

Except, JD Vance is Trump’s endorsed candidateNot JD Mandel. Vance is running against Josh Mandel in the Republican primary for the Ohio Senate. This from a “stable genius” with a perfect score on the cognitive test and a “very, very big brain” who affirms that he has been “right about everything”.

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