The polls punish the fracture of the Andalusian left, which is sinking and losing more than half of its deputies

  • Especially affected is the coalition of Podemos and IU, Por Andalucía, which is below what the polls predicted

The Ballot boxes punish the division of the Andalusian left, which loses more than half of its representation. From 17 deputies that it obtained in 2018, when it went to the polls together, it has gone to 7 deputies in the electoral appointment this Sunday, which it has arrived fragmented into two options: For Andalusia, the coalition of Podemos and IU, which it has won 5 seats; and Adelante Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez’s party, which has appeared alone for the first time, managing to break in with two representatives.

With more than 83% scrutinized, consolidates the remarkable fall of space beyond the PSOE In Andalucia, which is losing presence in the country’s largest vote bin, with 6.6 million voters, in a traditionally progressive community. The total loss is 10 seats, but the blow has been especially hard for Por Andalucía, the option supported in recent days by Yolanda Díaz and led by Inmaculada Nieto, who has not even reached half a dozen seats, remaining substantially below what the polls predicted, which showed up to 8 deputies. The main novelty of this force was that it brought together actors who had been in conflict until now, such as Podemos and Más País -Iñigo Errejón’s party-, in a policy of alliances that has been blessed by the second vice-president of the Government, being his first bet in an electoral campaign after announcing his plans for his national candidacy.

If the disaster has been total for Podemos and IU regarding the forecasts, the expectations have played in favor of Teresa Rodríguez, who has managed to break into the Andalusian Parliament with 2 deputies despite the fact that the polls placed him outside the parliamentary arc. Her entry into Andalusian politics is already seen as a success for the anti-capitalist leader, who, after the polls closed, was already celebrating the results of the first polls. “It would be wonderful to have our own group but it is already good to have representation, that we burst into Parliament and plant the seed for a new Andalusian force”.

The electorate sanctions the division

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The internal struggles have taken their toll on the left, after the multiple clashes between the different factions. The greatest exponent is Rodríguez’s own party, which is the result of the cleavage of the rest of the actors in the space. The leader, who four years ago led the candidacy of Podemos and IU, was later accused of being a refugee and expelled from the parliamentary group.

Fratricidal troubles were also seen at the gates of the electoral campaign, at the birth of the Por Andalucía coalition. The friction between the main forces, United Left and the purples, and the open fight to elect the head of the list, led to Podemos being left out of the candidacy register. A circumstance that this Sunday has materialized at the polling stations, since the party did not appear on the coalition ballot. So much so that during election day he had to launch an appeal on networks clarifying what his option was at the polls, to avoid confusion with the party of Teresa Rodríguez, a more recognized figure in Andalusia who has made his face appear on the electoral ticket. .

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