It’s an opportunity as big as the property itself.

London’s newest neighborhood — to be built on the site of the former London Psychiatric Hospital (LPH) — will be a mix of housing types within the established part of the city.

“It’s going to be named Legacy Village,” explained Robert Bierbaum of Old Oak Properties. “It’s going to eventually house over 10,000 Londoners throughout a mixed-use of housing.”

An infill project on an epic scale, in 2019 Old Oak Properties purchased the 160 acre property that stretches from Dundas Street to Oxford Street along Highbury Avenue.

A rezoning application seeks to permit:

  • Seven high-rise residential blocks
  • Five mid-rise residential blocks
  • Two mid-rise mixed-use blocks
  • 126 single detached dwellings
  • Extensions to Rushland Avenue and Holland Avenue
  • eight new streets

There will also be open space and parkland blocks.

The tallest buildings — up to 22 storeys — will be built along Highbury and Oxford to offer front door access to London’s new rapid transit system.

Work on Legacy Village could begin as soon as next spring.

“We want to do everything we can to work with council and the community to start this as soon as possible and to help out with the housing crisis,” Bierbaum explained.

Bierbaum says important heritage buildings, like the chapel and psych hospital, will be integrated into the community.

“We’re looking forward, as the site develops, to revitalize these buildings and find proper uses that allow them to be incorporated into the community,” he said.

Zoning amendments for Legacy Village will be considered by the Planning and Environment Committee on May 30.

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