Power distribution at 50% between Laura Borras Y Jordi Turull. This is the basis for understanding who is who, and on whom depends, in the new direction that the militants of Together for Catalonia They will vote at the congress on June 4. These are the key names that explain a balance that more than one leader already assumes will need to be greased for it to flow.

Laura Borras

He achieves what he wanted: not to be relegated to second place after Jordi Turull. She has pressed in this regard and has rebelled against the manifesto of dozens of leaders who placed her only as president. The outgoing address, with jordi sanchez as general secretary, he has worked explicitly in favor of Turull, of whom Sànchez said in an interview with EL PERIÓDICO that he would be a “grand secretary general“But the president of the Parliament has argued that she swept the bases when primary elections were held to choose a presidential candidate, and that she would do it again before Turull if necessary.

Jordi Turull

The ‘exconseller’, released through a pardon after being sentenced for ‘el procés’, has played very discreetly. In his political career he has known the bitter feeling of being about to lead and finally not. He was able to lead the post-convergence, but Artur Mas did not bet on anyone and was chosen Martha Pascal; he could have been ‘president’ but the CUP did not vote for his investiture despite the fact that it was already clear that a few hours later Turull would be imprisoned. He now manages to lead a game, but only halfway. He has assumed that he will hold half the power and half his followers will be on the bridge. But no more. He is a party man, of apparatus, discreet and orderly.

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Aurora Madaula and Francesc de Dalmases

They are two people absolutely faithful to Borràs that will occupy two of the four vice-presidencies of the formation. Their profiles are eminently combative. They have been explicitly critical of Esquerra, with the dialogue table with the Government… And it remains to be seen to what extent they bet on the coalition Government and what attitude they adopt in the day-to-day decisions of the party. Madaula is already vice president of Parliament. Dalmases is a deputy and the undisputed right-hand man of Borràs.

Anna Erra and Josep Rius

They are the two other vice presidents. Erra, mayor of Vic, comes from CiU, like Turull. Josep Rius is a man faithful to Puigdemont and currently occupies the spokesperson for Junts. Both are, like Madaula and Dalmases, deputies in the Parliament.

The organization secretary

It is one of the great surprises. David Torrentcouncilor in Badalona, ​​mosso d’esquadra, is a person characterized by pro-independence radicalism, which has led him to request the resignation of the Minister of the Interior, Michael Buchfor the actions of the Mossos in the independence altercations of 2019, and to star in forceful statements: “The violence begins on August 17 [atentados de Barcelona y Cambrils]not provoked by the State but in part allowed”. He is considered, therefore, totally aligned with Borràs. The organization secretariat is a key piece in the parties to order internal controversies at the territorial level.

the permanent commission

It is the hard core of the party, the one that urgently decides on a day-to-day basis, hand in hand with the leader, in this case the two leaders. According to training sources, the leaders will be in Parliament and Congress, Albert Batett Y Miriam Nogueras; the Vice President of the Government, Jordi Puignero; and the organization secretary, David Torrentin addition to Turull and Borràs.

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the executive

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Here too a Solomonic will can be seen. Figures clearly linked to Borràs appear, such as Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, or Turull, such as the ‘exconseller’ Damia Calvetwhom Borràs clearly defeated in the primaries for the 2021 electoral candidacy. There are also more moderate profiles, such as Tony Morralcurrent delegate of the Generalitat in Barcelona, ​​or more vehement, as the former leader of the Chamber Joan Canadell, that is committed to setting a date for independence. In addition, the prominent presence of Turullo ‘consellers’, such as Violant Cervera, and especially of James Girohead of Economy and signed by Jordi Sànchez.

Others have a more combative profile like Miriam Nogueras either Alex Sarri, that are characterized by their vehemence in social networks. Sarri was in charge of going to an electoral debate on behalf of Junts and leaving it a few moments later in protest against the vetoes of the Electoral Board. The rest of the names are also a distribution of territorial weights. The balances even in the same territory are striking; for example, between the mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenasand the ‘consellera’ also from Girona Gemma Geis.

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