The Most Popular Philology Specialties In 2022

It often happens that when choosing a specialty, students do not have absolute certainty that it is their desired field of expertise. If earlier after graduation the students’ knowledge was relevant for a long time, in our rapidly developing world knowledge remains relevant for a much shorter time before it needs to be updated. So, it is important to keep learning throughout life. You need to know where to get information, how to adapt and apply it in your field. To find out what specialties will be popular in 2022, refer to our article.

Top Philology Specialties

A professional philologist is a person who skillfully masters the word in oral and written communication, can subtly, appropriately, and correctly use all its possibilities. They become successful journalists, literary editors, translators, publishers, content managers, copywriters. Yet, before choosing any particular occupation, it’s also important to know its corresponding major that you can earn while studying at the university or college.

In general, if you simply study linguistics, it might be enough for you to become a translator or a writer. Yet, depending on the approach you need for a particular job, you might want to select a specialization. Here are some of the most interesting viewpoints that can help you make a career as an original and extremely skillful specialist.

  1. The range of issues of modern interpretation of Codicology includes the whole set of problems in the history of manuscript and book heritage of the written period of human development. Master’s Degrees are available at many universities. Codicology is closely connected with source studies, paleography, diplomacy, bibliography, filigree, or book art.
  2. Stylistics is a branch of linguistics that studies the styles of literary language and the linguistic means that create their features. The name stylistics was formed from the word style, which in ancient times and the Middle Ages was called a pointed rod made of bone, metal, or wood, which was used to write on wax boards or bark.
  3. Text linguistics. The importance of information technology in all spheres of public life makes the study of communicative parameters of the text very important. A journalist, for example, will not write perfect material, a translator will not make a good translation without knowing the text organization. You can check the best Korean translation services to understand what a good quality translation means. Knowledge of the text is necessary for many professions. 
  4. Paleography. Discipline, which studies the history of writing, its evolution (mostly based on ancient monuments), and characteristics. Paleography helps to read texts correctly, to establish the time, place of creation, and authorship of undated, non-localized, and anonymous monuments, to detect forgeries, to confirm the authenticity of texts.

In 10-20 years, more working professions will be robotized. Therefore, when thinking about the future, focus on a profession where you can realize your creative potential. You can learn to do translations and solve business problems in a non-standard way. So you can look through the best translation agencies to work with now to be in trend. Students who know a foreign language apply for various scholarships to study or do internships abroad.

Learning Languages Brings Benefits

Instead of mindlessly memorizing facts, students need to develop the ability to think. It is a mistake to believe that the university has only one function – to give a person factual knowledge. Critical thinking and analysis are not inherent, and no one has them from birth. Also, the training itself should include cases, visual examples from life, which students will solve, each time trying on the role of real professionals.

If you decided to study philology – you made a good call. Even with modern technical advancements, the human mind remains an unbeatable tool. Choose a specialty you fancy and start your educational journey!


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