The Mossos warn of a scam on the dissemination of intimate videos

continues the proliferation of scam cases regarding the ‘sexting’, the practice that gives its name to sending images and messages of sexual content. This is confirmed by the Mossos d’Esquadra, that through their Twitter account, they have warned that a anonymous message that threatens with spread intimate videos of the recipient of the ‘e-mail’ if you do not access pay an amount of money determined. “No matter how believable the message, do not bite They will not stop and will look for new ways to scam you & rdquor ;, advises the Catalan police.

The tweet attached a royal message received by one of the victims, in which the scammer explains that, thanks to some ‘hackers’, has managed to dispose of the content of their devices, among which are those of the user.

From here on, the story abounds in the way in which he has been able to monitor your activity and the camera of your computer and your mobile, eluding the antivirus control, and thus has been able to “record some of his perverted solo sessions & rdquor; in adult websites. The message continues assuring that he has been able to record the user “masturbating & rdquor ;, and threatens to spread the images among his contacts if he does not agree to pay 1,390 euros, “the equivalent in bitcoins & rdquor ;, for evade tracking.

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“When you receive this transfer, I will immediately delete all these lewd videos without hesitation. And then we can pretend that none of this has ever happened & rdquor ;, she adds, with a certain tone of cynicism. Try to reassure the victim that she is “a man of his word” and what is “a good deal” before identifying the bitcoin wallet to make the payment, a process for which you have 48 hours.

The message adds warnings such as not to try to call the police, or to trace the origin of the message, and ends the communication by recommending that you avoid “to be involved in this type of incident again & rdquor; while allowing the license to suggest you change the passwords of all your devices.

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