The Mossos investigate the mutilation of a mural by Josep Guinovart on a farm in Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra investigate a Community of owners and on architect responsible for some works in a building of Barcelona, to whom is attributed a crime against property historical, for the destruction of a mural of the artist Josep Guinovart.

As reported by the regional police, at the beginning of mayo last year, agents of the Central Unit of Historical Heritage detect in social networks and in various media the news of the mutilation of the artist’s mural on a building on Carrer de Johann Sebastian Bach, in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district.

Foundation complaint

It was about the workLa sardana“, a private patrimony work formed by a painting from 2’95 by 7’50 meters on one of the walls, in addition to an adjoining sculpture depicting the dance of the sardana in a central area of ​​the same hall. The painting, which is part of the bottom of the sculpture, dates from the 50’s and was cataloged in the book ‘Guinovart: Art in Freedom’. The Josep Guinovart Foundation, who watches over the distribution and preservation of work of the artist, weeks after the news revealed the facts.

Once the controls were done, the researchers observed how the mural was covered with paint and that renovations are being done. Through other police efforts, they obtained information that the community of owners through an architect, planned a reform to the farm that did not consider holding in any way the work of the artist and what was involved destruction and disappearance of the wall.

More visibility at the entrance

The works consisted of delete part of this mural to give more visibility to the target area and wanted remove the sculpture to make a parking area for motorcycles, the Mossos d’Esquadra explained in a statement.

Once informed of the Foundation’s complaint and the visits by the Mossos and to avoid legal action for damages caused, those investigating contracted services of repair to remove the acrylic paint that covered the mural to bring out the original, in addition to redoing the ruined part, in search of the artist’s language, which is a “false historical & rdquor ;.

An emblematic and unique work

Even if the work not individually protected by the administrations this set responds to the “seniority assessment & rdquor; which defines European regulation 93/7, inter alia, for its economic value and for him intrinsic value, a fact that makes it a emblematic and simple work.

The review of the municipal documentation, the minutes book of the community of owners and the statements of the people who participated in the events indicate a gross negligence with the clear intention of getting rid of the work, where they committed to perform what can they have criminal responsibilities for crimes against historical heritage that can reach three years in prison and fines of more.

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irreparable damage

The Artists’ Foundation warns damage done to the mural is irreparable and the recovery action will make any recovery difficult. The directors of museums such as the MNAC or the Museu Picasso, the Gremi de Galeries d’Art de Catalunya and other town councils and councils have the destruction what has been done in this work.

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