The Mossos evict the former Raval copiso recovered by the neighbors

  • A large police force executes the eviction by court order from the premises of the number 3 of the street of Rieretaowned by Divarian, which had become a symbol against ‘narcospeculation’ in the neighborhood

A large police force has executed this Thursday the eviction of the lower part of the 3 de Riereta street, in the Raval, a floor owned by Divarian that had a great symbolism for the neighborhood. For more than three years the place was squatted by a group of traffickers who had frightened the neighborhood until a group of neighbors, fed up with the ‘narcospeculation’ – that groups of traffickers took over empty flats owned by banks and investment funds that had abandoned them – they entered it and turned it into the home it was until the eviction on Thursday.

Was the November 19, 2017 when, alerted by the neighbors of the farm who informed them that the ‘drug traffickers’ had not seen each other in the low for days, They plucked up their courage, entered and filled it with life. The drug traffickers had been evicted by court order in April 2016, but a few days later, to the residents’ nightmare, they went back in and turned it into a point of sale for drugs Until the neighborhood got organized to say enough.

During these last four years the house -which was the place until this Thursday- had become an emblem of the neighborhood victory against ‘narco-speculation’. After six court orders of eviction and three launches -on three occasions they were able to stop the eviction without having to summon the neighbors at the door- this Thursday the launch was carried out.

“A little bit of everyone”

At first hour of the morning, the organized Raval gathered at the lower door to tuck David in, the young man who lived there, and to defend a house that they felt “a little bit of everyone.” From the CAP Raval Nord workers, always at the foot of the canyon, to Pere y Llum, the two oldest in the neighborhood who do not fail any call. “When the judicial procession arrived, very punctual, they made it clear that they were going to execute, that there was nothing to negotiate,” he explains. David, calm despite everything and very grateful for the many expressions of support received during the morning and days ago.

When the riot parade, from the balconies some neighbors were screaming ugly that when they should have come was when the traffickers made their lives impossible, as they denounce, they continue to do it in other places in the neighborhood.

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When the Mossos d’Esquadra -nails 12 closed boxes– They have warned the concentrates that they were proceeding to execute the eviction by court order and that whoever wanted to leave should do so, because those who remained would be identified. So it has been. “It was a shameful scene. There were twice as many police officers as there were neighbors,” says Iñaki García, a neighborhood leader.

This is not the only eviction executed this Thursday in the Raval despite the state moratorium. Just after the Riereta, 3, another eviction has been carried out in the 5 of the street of Botella.

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