The Mayor of Drummondville under investigation

The mayor of Drummondville, Stéphanie Lacoste, would be the subject of an investigation by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

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A threatening complaint was filed against her for remarks she would have made as part of the process of unionizing employees of the MRC of Drummond.

Stéphanie Lacoste was elected mayor of Drummondville on November 7th. She is also Warden of the MRC of Drummond.

“Since the last election and the arrival in office of the new prefect and the deputy prefect, working relations have deteriorated. It’s a tense and unhealthy climate, ”says an employee who wanted to preserve his anonymity.

On February 1, general manager Gabriel Rioux was fired. Following this dismissal, the employees acquired union certification. It is in this context that Stéphanie Lacoste would have made threatening remarks towards the people behind this unionization process.

A source confirms to TVA Nouvelles that it has filed a complaint with the Sûreté du Québec against Lacoste and another source claim to have been met by investigators in connection with this case.

The Sûreté du Québec has not confirmed this information.

Contested dismissal

In the end-of-employment letter sent to the former director-general of the MRC Gabriel Rioux, the prefect Stéphanie Lacoste writes: “It is unfortunately clear that you have particularly strayed from the duties which are yours in many occasions, all of which has the effect of alienating the confidence of the Council of Mayors.”

Gabriel Rioux challenges his dismissal before the Administrative Labor Tribunal.

“My client believes that there is petty politics going on, says his lawyer Mand Marc Boudreau. As for me, there is nothing that justified a dismissal with the facts presented to me.

“We still don’t understand why Mr. Rioux was fired, he was doing an excellent job and everything was fine,” said another employee, who also wishes to remain anonymous.


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