The judge will not release Juana Rivas because “it could represent a serious danger to her children”

The Granada judge who sentenced Juana Rivas to five years in prison in 2018 has decided to deny the request for release proposed by the defense because “it could represent a serious danger to their children”, as confirmed this Friday by the newspaper El País.

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Rivas’s lawyer requested, after the granting of a partial pardon from the Government, the suspension of the sentence because he considered that he met the requirements for it. The order of the magistrate Piñar denies that “full freedom that he would obtain with the suspension of the sentence” because this “could represent a serious danger for his children.” In addition, he cites three reasons for not granting her freedom. The lack of repentance of the convicted woman, the repetition of her behavior and the danger posed by the mother to the minors because, according to the judge, there are indications “sexual abuse of one of the minors when they were in his custody & rdquor ;.

Currently, Rivas is serving his sentence in a Social Insertion Center in Granada capital, from where he leaves only two days a week and some weekends.

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