The judge attributed charges to bombers that allowed a fraudulent mechanic

The judge attributed to senior positions of the General Directorate of Fire and Extinction Prevention and Firefighters of the Generalitat allowed it “budgetary and accounting” irregularities in the maintenance of the vehicles of the body, a way of working that he qualifies as roller mechanics according to a car to which EL PERIÓDICO had access. The seven accused are expected to begin testifying this February, including the former director of the body, Manel Pardo, his successor, Joan Delort, and the person in charge in Catalonia of the Iturri contractor company. For now, no financial compensation has been found in favor of the officials involved, nor the payment of any commission, according to sources familiar with the investigations.

The robe of the Barcelona Investigation Court number 14, which initially took control of the case (now the chief is in charge), held in the resolution calling on those under investigation to declare that “the management of the budget and public spending “of the service rendered to the Iturri Company” is, over time, so irregularly and permanently disclosed “that there are” solid indications “that it may be” more than a mere administrative offense “. He specifies that in this operation he “demanded the consent of the actions of a multitude of public officials who have the task and are entrusted with controlling the way in which the public flow is to be distributed.” This action, “apparently known to many people and accepted, perhaps because it is repeated over time, can go beyond mere negligence, ”he emphasizes.

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Falsehoods and changes

The irregularities would consist in continuing with the performance of the employment contract for the maintenance of the vehicles of the Bombers, even though the budget ran out, built up the debt to compensate it the following year. In this operation, invoices could have been duplicated and delivery notes changed. The magistrate maintains that as a result of the telephonic interventions “elements of solid substantiation” of this behavior were obtained. In a conversation, a person in charge of Bombers even admits that “the thing is still poorly done” and that they have been doing it for 12 or 14 years.

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