In each edition of ‘Washington Post’both on paper and in the digital edition, a sentence can be read by opening the newspaper: “democracy dies in the dark & ​​rdquor ;. This year, the Pulitzer Prizes have ratified the maxim. The capital newspaper has obtained by coverage of the assault on the Capitol the public service award in the 2022 edition of the most prestigious awards in journalism. These have also wanted to decorate with a Special mention to “Ukrainian journalists & rdquor ;, acknowledging hiscourage, resistance and commitment” in the coverage of war which began in February Russia.

The Pulitzer for public service that ‘The Washington Post’ has received recognizes ‘The Attack’ (The attack), a series presented in an interactive format that brought together the thorough and revealing analysis that the reporters of the Post’ newspaper made of the causes, costs and consequences of the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 by a mass harangued by donald trump, an insurrection that capsized the foundations of American democracy. The prize in editorial category has been for the ‘houston chronicle‘ for a piece where fantasy was separated from fiction in the baseless accusations of electoral fraud that were launched (and are still supported) by Trump and many Republicans.

The weight of the ‘Times’ and local journalism

New York Times‘ has also reconfirmed the weight of its work with awards in this edition both in categories of national and international journalism. In the first case, the recognized work has been an investigation into the deaths of citizens at the hands of the US police in traffic stops. In the case of international journalism, the award has come for an exploration of the failures of the air war waged by the US in the Middle East, including the number of civilian casualties.

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Also the work done during the fall of Kabul and the departure of US troops from Afghanistan has earned Marcus Yam of the ‘Los Angeles Times’ a photography pulitzer. And already in the summer the meeting that awards the Pulitzers had given a special mention to the Afghan journalists who took risks to continue producing stories and images about their country.

In news category last minute the Pulitzers have awarded the ‘Miami Herald’ for coverage of the deadly building collapse in Surfside. Also in Florida the decoration for investigative journalism has remained, in this case for a job by the ‘Tampa Bay Times’ who exposed the dangers which represents for the workers and the local community a lead smelting plant.

Latin Awards

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In the audio journalism category, the award went to Futuro Media and PRX for the ‘Suave’ podcast. And it was not the only award with an accent Latin. In the art categories, Ada Ferrer won the prize in history book for ‘Cuba: An American Story‘, where he traces the history of the island and its complex ties with the United States. In the same category, Nicole Eustace was also recognized for ‘Covered with Night’, which is subtitled: ‘a story of murder and indigenous justice in the early days of America’.

In fiction the award went to Joshua Cohen for ‘The Netanyahus’, has been recognized Diane Seuss poetryin drama the pulitzer it was for the work ‘Fat Ham’ and in music for Raven Chacon for ‘Voiceless Mass’.

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