The interview canned by the Congress Channel

The Congressional channel interviewed the Foreign Minister of the Government of Catalonia, Victoria Alsina, but did not transmit it. He censored it. “The order came from very, very high,” an advisor to Ignacio Mier Velazco, leader of Morena’s deputies, was heard saying, and who served as messenger for Spanish diplomats and / or Mexican officials.

The Congress Channel chose to keep the tape in a can, as in the old days of the PRI, whose fondness for censorship was born from a mistaken pride: to think of a country of subnormals.

Victoria Alsina traveled to Mexico last week to inaugurate the Generalitat Delegation.

His visit to San Lázaro was surreal, due to the environment, and not very diplomatic due to the negligible knowledge of some deputies of the political reality in Spain.

The PAN members who make up the Foreign Commission were consistent in having sworn loyalty to the extreme right of Vox: they did not appear.

The problem that most of the deputies in Mexico have is the subrogation or maquila of knowledge.

Believing that knowledge is transferred through cards or PowerPoint presentations prepared by advisers is as uncouth as thinking that with a Messi shirt one can score goals in the Campo de los Príncipes.

Four years have passed since the independence referendum organized by Catalan President Carles Puigdemont. It did so with the complicity of Parliament, controlled by three pro-independence forces, which passed two laws outside of the Spanish Constitution.

In four years the political map in Spain is different. The Popular Party (PP) of Mariano Rajoy does not govern; the Ciudadanos party has become a marginal force; the extreme right of Vox gains ground to the PP of Pablo Casado, embroiled in a war with members of his political family, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid; the independentistas of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya supported Pedro Sánchez (Spanish Socialist Workers Party, PSOE) in the motion of censure against Rajoy and currently support him in the budgets, oxygen for the Spanish president to advance in his legislature and; Pablo Iglesias is dedicated to the radio; among many other changes.

The Catalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs is recognized by the Statute, an institutional norm that regulates autonomy and the margins of self-government.

Why did the Congress Channel censor the interview?

The problem is not Alcina. The problem is Rajoy who makes fun of the Spanish Justice by denying box B of the PP and Pablo Casado, who goes to the extreme right and shouts “Damn!” in Congress.

Congress allowed itself to be trampled on by interfering diplomats. The current government’s buzzword.


Fausto Pretelin Muñoz de Cote

Consultant, academic, editor

Globali … what?

He was a research professor in ITAM’s Department of International Studies, published the book Referendum Twitter and was editor and contributor to various newspapers such as 24 Horas, El Universal, Milenio. He has published in magazines such as Foreign Affairs, Le Monde Diplomatique, Life & Style, Chilango and Revuelta. He is currently an editor and columnist for El Economista.

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