• Vice President Yolanda Díaz assures that the Executive, with Pedro Sánchez at the head, is working to provide a response

The ‘Catalangate‘ has not been able to avoid monopolizing the political parliaments of this dyad of Sant Jordi. The independence movement has redoubled its pressure on the Government to demand explanations about the case of massive espionage to more than 60 leaders of the ‘procés’ through their mobile phones. “It makes no sense that the President of the Government, to date, has not yet given any explanation”, declared the ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragones, in the traditional meeting with the media for the day of the book and the rose. On the other side of Plaça de Sant Jaume, in the Town Hall hall, the second vice-president, Yolanda Diazhas called for dialogue and has assured that the Executive, with Pedro Sánchez at the head, works to give those explanations that the victims of espionage via Pegasus demand.

Five days after one of the biggest cases of political espionage in Spanish democracy broke out, the President of the Government has not yet ruled on the issue and the independence movement takes advantage of every microphone to demand it. Those spied on are not happy with the version that Defense Minister Margarita Robles has given so far. “The explanations that the Defense Minister has given so far are insufficient and, I would say more, they are counterproductive. To say that the CNI cannot defend itself… those who cannot defend themselves are those 60 people who have seen our personal lives invaded, spied on and violated,” Aragonès declared this Saturday.

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From the other partner of Govern, together He has climbed a rung dialectically to try to mark the pace of the independence space and has considered that asking for explanations is not enough. “There are people who ask for explanations, I think we have to go further, after explanations there have to be consequences, and these consequences are politically called resignations,” said the president of Parliament, Laura Borras. The postconvergent has taken advantage of the idiosyncrasy of the dyad to compare the State with the dragon of Sant Jordi, “which does not allow us to live normally in Catalan”, and has considered that plots such as ‘Catalangate’ “should only exist in novels “. Together’s spokesman, Joseph Riushas targeted the Prime Minister directly and has considered that his “silence” makes him “suspicious” of being an “accomplice” in espionage.

United We Can: “The situation is serious”

If Aragonès spoke from the halls of the Palau de la Generalitat, the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, took advantage of her two-day visit to Catalonia to do so from the Barcelona City Council. The Mayor’s Guest Ada Colau -about which she has taken it for granted that she will stand for a third re-election- has recognized that “the situation is serious”, to the point that she has recognized that she herself fears that they may or have been able to spy on her. But “precisely because it is serious, it requires dialogue, dialogue and dialogue,” the vice president insisted.

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An appeal especially addressed to ERC, which has been asked for time so that the Executive seeks those explanations that it demands and that it does not blow up the majority of the investiture that has made possible the last State’s general budgets or the approval of far-reaching reforms, such as the pensions. Not in vain have the Republicans threatened the coalition with a ‘Vietnam’ in every vote in Congress until they take responsibility. The leader of United We Can in the Government has explained that Pedro Sánchez himself, with whom he speaks “permanently” and maintains “a magnificent relationship”, is also working on this issue “which is of the utmost importance for the country as a whole and above all for contemporary democracies.

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Who has not wanted to enter to pronounce this Sant Jordi on the ‘Catalangate’ has been the leader of the Catalan socialists, Salvador Island, who has requested a “time out” this Saturday. Despite questions from journalists, the former Minister of Health has declared that “The Government of Spain does not spy, the Government of Spain dialogues, the Government of Spain is willing to reach the end of the matter.”

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