The Hispanics punish Danish arrogance and play European final against Sweden

  • Spain will fight for gold for the fourth consecutive edition after beating the world champion in a formidable second half

  • Eleven goals by Aleix Gómez and seven by Cañellas and the efficiency of Pérez de Vargas secured the medal

The Hispanics will fight for their third European handball successive. The Spanish team defeated its black beast this Friday in Budapest, a Denmark who ‘selected’ a semi-final opponent and who fell on his knees in a great second half Jordi Ribera (29-25). Eleven goals by Aleix Gómez and seven by Joan Cañellas a triumphal area that also happened through the appearance of Gonzalo Perez de Vargas, who became a giant in the second part. Spain will fight for gold on Sunday (18:00 La 1) Swedenwho defeated in the second semifinal France with a miraculous stop with the hole of Palicka at the last moment (33-34).

Nikolaj Jacobsen, the temperamental Danish coach, will long regret Wednesday’s defeat to France, which came suspiciously from four goals in five minutes. Denmark finished second in the group, which led them to face Spain, who last year. he defeated in the same round in the World Cup and in the Olympic Games and with whom he has not lost since 2015. ”It seems that Denmark is choosing us to play the semifinals, they should see us as a more comfortable competitor, but all games are different“, Ribera warned in the preview. And he was not without reason.

Without Solé or Hernández due to covid

The play went wrong for Denmark because the Hispanics revolted against their arrogance. “You looked at the bookmakers before the final and they did not predict anything good for us.“, emphasizes Pérez de Vargas, one of the heroes of the final. It seemed as if everything was against him, including last minute accidents of Ferran Solé and Sergey Hernández due to covid. But the Hispanics knew how to channel all those circumstances and turn them into motivation. “It was brutal,” the captain summed up, Gideon Guardiola-. We played against big teams and showed it we are wonderful too, even though they often do not consider us“.

Spain were in tow throughout the first half. Need more than five minutes to score his first goal, another 5 for the second and the third only showed up after 14. A point rhythm that would have buried any chance of victory if it were not for a good defense that caused many Danish losses and good actions by Pérez de Vargas. overshadowed by a Niklas Landin impressive at startup.

“We saw Landin very big”

“The important thing is to be aware that they are very good, but that we are not bad. At the beginning we saw Landin very bigbut then we did not realize that goals could be scored against him ”, analyzes after the victory a Cañellas who emerged when Spain had the worst time, after, led by Mikkel Hansen, Denmark led 5-9 and threatened to rise. But the central defender of Santa Maria de Palautordera bravely opened a gap in the heart of the Danish defense. the cunning of Aleix Gómez in defense and his lethality on the counterattack allowed a tight 13-14 at halftime.

Spain suffered in the first half, how not to do it against the winner of the last two World Cups? But he was good on defense and good on offense and delivered clear shots from 6 yards out. By improving that efficiency, victory was possible.

Hostage fails and changes script

After halftime, it was Denmark who needed several minutes to press. Mathias Gidsel, who recorded 37 of his 38 shots in the tournament, missed the 39th and it seemed to validate the change in dynamics. Pérez de Vargas stopped it, Cañellas took the lead and Aleix pushed it. Spain took a two-goal lead with 20 minutes left and did not want to give up the initiative anymore. Each player contributed their grain of sand: Figueras, Peciño, Casado … Rowing against the current was a new situation for the Scandinavian team that they could not overcome.

“We showed it we can not be taken for anyone. Maybe we are not the best team, but without a doubt we are the best group and we believed in our possibilities, “Pérez de Vargas claimed.” It is very nice to be in the final and to do so by beating Denmark is a plus. We beat the best team in the championship and deservedly, “emphasizes Cañellas, who did not hesitate to dig into the Danish wound:” We will not be so good and also not be in the teams they are, with their respective salaries, but we are good. “

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Spain is already in the final, the fourth in a row. If he wins on Sunday, it will equal a milestone that only Sweden has reached (1998, 2000 and 2022). “More than to suit Sweden, the most important thing for us is to stay up there. Players change, but we’re still there. We are Family“, emphasizes Pérez de Vargas.

Spain, 29 – Denmark, 25

Spain: Perez de Vargas; Aleix Gómez (11, 2p), Maqueda (2), Gedeón Guardiola (-), Peciña (-), Sánchez-Migallón (-) and Ángel Fernández (1) -initial team- Corrales (ps), Gurbindo (-), Sarmiento (-), Figueras (3), Cañellas (7), Casado (3), Ariño (1), Tarrafeta (1) and Odriozola.

Denmark: Niklas Landin; Svan (2), Gidsel (3), Lauge (2), Mikkel Hansen (8, 4p), Magnus Landin (4) y Saugstrup (3) -equipo inicial- Moller (ps), Kirkelokke (-), Jakobsen (- ), Mollgaard (-), Mensah (1), Johan Hansen (-), Andersson (-), Holm (1) and Hald (1).

Mark every five minutes: 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 5-8, 8-11 and 13-14 (rest); 15-15, 16-16, 21-19, 23-21, 25-23 and 29-25 (final)

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