This weekend, Catalonia has broken records for high temperatures, with a heat unusual for a month may. This climate has led many citizens to want to “take advantage” of the sun and move around the territory, which is causing numerous traffic delays this Sunday afternoon.


Thus, a large number of roads they are collapsed or with heavy traffic. One of them is the AP-7where a accident at the height of Montornès del Valles is causing 25.5 kilometers of queues in the South / Barcelona direction.

Another critical point is the C-32where Trànsit reports stops of 25 kilometers between Arenys de Mar Y Alella South direction / Barcelona. Furthermore, on the same C-32 between Gava and Sant Boi de Llobregat there are also 7 kilometers of retentions in the direction of Barcelona.

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There are also vehicles practically stopped in the C-17 in Walls of the Valleys in the south direction / Barcelona, ​​and in the C-33 between the Llagosta and the Nus of the Trinity of Barcelona South direction.

Also, in the C-31 9 kilometers of slow traffic are recorded between Castelldefels and El Prat de Llobregat in Barcelona direction

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