The Government will use a robot to detect labor violations

  • Labor inspections will have a computer program that will track bad practices and can open sanction records without human intervention

The Spanish Government wants to improve the detection of irregularities and bad practices in the job and for this he will resort to the Artificial intelligence (IA). As of January 1, 2022, the Social Security will use a computer program that will use massive data analysis to automate the labor inspections and that you can open minutes of sanction to companies without requiring the intervention of an inspector, as explained by El Periódico.

This measure is part of the Strategic Plan of the Labor and Social Security Inspection 2021-2023, which was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on November 29. “A computer application that allows detecting wage breaches from the wage tables of the sectoral collective agreements to facilitate a much more agile inspection response “, reads the text.

Although the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy headed by the vice president Yolanda Diaz has not yet specified which specific aspects will be automated, experts suggest that massive data analysis (tax, labor and Social Security) could be used to detect common infractions such as non-compliance with deadline hours. job, errors in the registration and dismissal of employees, errors in the quote or in the registry of contracts.

Streamline the detection of irregularities

The Government has promoted this measure to be able to quickly detect these types of common errors without the need for inspectors to intervene. That would allow them more time to handle more complex cases. “The current system requires an excessive administrative burden, which translates into taking time away from the increasingly complex investigative work carried out by the inspection staff, which is why greater automation of the processes and tasks that make up the processing of the files “, reads the text approved by the Government.

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Last year Social Security detected up to 73,415 infractions, 15.18% less than in 2019. As of November 16, more than 5,000 cases of fraud had already been detected and sanctioned only in the application of temporary employment regulation files (FOR HIM).

In the absence of a week for this measure to come into force, the Executive’s lack of specificity about its application suggests that its implementation will end up being postponed. What is specified in the text published in the BOE is that the computer program will have the ability to open sanction files to companies that may be incurring these irregularities, that a reduction of 40% of the amount will be proposed if the fine is paid soon and that companies will have the right to appeal the process if they consider that the software it has sanctioned them by mistake.

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