The Government recognizes that the invoice with the Carta Porte complement does generate an extra cost: Canacar

In the Package Against Inflation and Scarcity (Pacic), presented on Wednesday by the federal government, it is recognized that generating the digital tax receipt over the Internet (CFDI) with Carta Porte complement did generate a cost for carriers, said Refugio Muñoz López , executive vice president of the National Chamber of Freight Transportation (Canacar).

“The rule issued by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to issue the CFDI with a Carta Porte complement has a cost and this generates inflationary pressures in the transport sector and, consequently, in the relationship that the sector has with all other sectors. of the economy. It has a pressure effect on the levels of inflation in general”, he said in an interview.

In January, the SAT assured that the information required for the digital electronic invoice is not an administrative burden nor does it represent an additional cost for carriers.

In contrast, the executive vice president of Canacar explained that the administrative costs among its members have increased 6% since the implementation of the CFDI with the Carta Porte complement that came into force at the beginning of the year.

As part of the Pacic, it was reported that there will be an exemption from the CFDI with a Carte Porte complement for the transfer of basic products and supplies until October 1 and, if necessary, there would be an extension for another period.

But for Refugio Muñoz, this measure raises doubts, because when the invoice is issued with the Carta Porte complement, it is based on the entire shipment carried by the vehicle and not by individual product.

“In a load that carries different products, how to identify which ones will carry an invoice with a Porte Carte complement and which ones will not”, he explained, for which he considered that, derived from this announcement, “there must be work tables to know what it consists of the measure because at this time it is very general and we do not know how it will be implemented”.

It is important to mention that there is currently a period of familiarization with the issuance of the Carta Porte without sanctions for the entire transport sector that ends on September 30. Sanctions can range from economic fines to charges of smuggling.

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