The Government advocates localized measures for Sant Joan and rules out banning firecrackers

The Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignacio Elena, has advocated promoting localized measures in the territory for prevent more fires ahead of the festival of Sant Joan, but the Government rules out prohibiting the sale of firecrackers, as the general director of Prevention, Fire Extinction and Salvage of the Generalitat recognized on Monday, Joan Delort.

“We have to believe that people have two fingers in front, means it’s a shared and social responsibility. That of prohibiting, what do we have to do, the dry law of firecrackers? Delort defended in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio this Monday.

Delort has advocated that, if prohibitions are promoted, they be “in very specific places and for very specific reasons, but not wholesale”, and has urged citizens to discern when and where firecrackers can be thrown.

He stressed that the measures promoted for Sant Joan will be conditioned by the weather situation of the previous hours, and he predicted if the rains affect all of Catalonia, the conditions to face the verbena will be “much better”.

Situation “much better”

Asked about the fires in Catalonia, he celebrated that the situation is “much better” than during this weekend and has highlighted that the Generalitat Bombers have been very stressed, but not to the limit.

He has assured that they are “very focused and focused” on the fire in Artesa de Segre (Lleida) to be able to consider it stabilized during the afternoon of this Monday.

Delort stressed that the potential of the fires that started on Wednesday night in the Solsonès region (Lleida) was “enormous” and that, therefore, the Bombers concentrated on these fires, according to him, without abandoning the rest.

Localized medical

For his part, the ‘minister’ Elena has advocated promoting localized measures in the territory for avoid more fires ahead of the festival of Sant Joan and has ruled out that they are “of a general nature in the country as a whole” because in his opinion the situation is very different.

“We have very closely monitored the entire territory”, he assured in an interview with RAC-1 this Monday, in which he specified that the measures They will be announced between this Tuesday and this Wednesday.

Asked about the fires, he has placed the “action priority” in the fire in Artesa de Segre (Lleida) and highlighted the difficulties that the simultaneity of fires in Catalonia have caused for the emergency services.

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Elena has highlighted that the actions of the emergency bodies are aimed at “not go after the fires, but wait for them and intelligently manage where it is necessary to intervene with more force”, and has considered it a significant change with respect to the previous administration.

has encrypted in 60 average daily vegetation fires since Wednesday, and stressed that the lightning “has caused a very complicated situation.”

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