The Gobierno Autonomous Finance Initiative in Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia

  • The three governing denunciations that perderían ingresos debido to the new method of calculating the adjusted population

For distinctive chambers and possibly with different final objectives, the popular president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, his homologue socialist valenciano, Ximo Puigand the ‘president’ independentista Pere Aragonès coinciden en una cosa: su absolute rezazo absolute to the proposition that he hecho llegar el Gobierno para abrir el baile de un nuve model de autonomica financio to update a system daducado des hace ocho años. Both goblins are specially sanctioned by the Executive’s calculators at the time of distributing the remedies. Its numbers are based on the calculation of the “adjusted” population of each autonomy.

‘Adjusted population’ is key because it determines the share of 75% of the resources of autonomous financing between the different communities. From the date of initial initiation of real population, the system calculates the guest needs of each community in terms of geographical and demographic variables, such as the area of ​​the territory, the dispersion of the population, the insularity or the trams of the population.

The principle of ordinance

According to the Community of Madrid, in the current model of autonomous financing the difference between the real population and the adjustment above 3%, “which has a financing loss of more than 200,000 inhabitants & rdquor ;, according to regional Gobierno sources. With the proposal of Hacienda, the difference will be raised to the entrance of the 250,000 inhabitants, and so, according to the calculations of the Community, could add a final loss of 4% in the area of ​​autonomous financing, failing to know possible changes in the rest of the pieces that integrate the system, more than the adjusted population criterion. Catalonia also considers that the criterion that should prevail is the real population.

Ayuso advertises the principle of ordinance, indicated by various governing bodies of the Generalitat

Además, the Gobierno de Madrid criticizes that the proposal that Hacienda has about the month is “escasa and parcial & rdquor ;, then for more adanante the reforms that podrían affect the convergence funds that serve to level the share of resources. Among other issues, Madrid claims to respect the so-called ‘principle of ordinance’. Madrid is the community with the largest fiscal capacity for residents, as long as the current financing system of the community is applied to the number 9 in recourse to adjusted residents. In accordance with the principle of ordinance, which has also been advocated by Catalan governing bodies of a different political color, solidarity with the rest of the communities should be limited as no autonomous town halls may be set up within the system for adjusted housing.

Make “full tax sovereignty”

For its part, the Government has submitted to the Ministry of Education a durable document in which it issues in its entirety the criteria proposed by the Government. The ‘conseller’ of Economy, Jaume Giró, can no longer be found in the document sent to Gobierno to conclude – and a similar feeling to the Gobierno madrileño – that what the ministry of Maria Jesús Montero is not “a reform of the financing system”. Tal as advances the proposal Giró in an interview with EL PERIÓDICO, the ‘conselleria’ release the adjusted population concept planted by Hacienda and “aspired and worked to obtain a full tax sovereignty”. Giro advised, as Ayuso, to initiate the model revision of financing with a proposal on the adjusted population should indicate that the global model that it proposes “does not increase the financial autonomy of the autonomous communities”.

Giro accuses Hacienda of going against federalism and advertises full tax sovereignty

In the document, the ‘conseller’ has stated in Montero that he is demonstrating his counter-intentions to a fiscal autonomy mayor and a federal vision of the State: guest needs in order to consider as paramount the capacity of the tribunal to have each autonomous community. A financing model based on the needs of our financial models of the most developed federal states “.

Valencia also meets the criterion of disobedience

Madrid and Catalonia also reject the criterion of depopulation. Giró pide that apply corrective policies to the margins of the model and the community that presides Ayuso appeals to the factor of concentration of the population, which convince guests in mobility. The Valencian experts have concluded that the despondition does not have to appear in the calculation and that the dispersion does not generate more gas than we have and that in exchange the insularity has to be very much in account because it encarece the services.

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If Catalonia considers that the model of Hacienda the perjury because its real population is more than adjusted, eso también ocurre con la lablanca popenciana, in turn to five million, but accounted for less. The governing body of the socialist Ximo Puig has demonstrated in his recent mediation a committee of experts, evaluated by parties, employers and unions integrated in the platform ‘Per un justançament just’, with the support of the president of the PP valenciano Carlos Mazón, informa Carlos Alós.

In my opinion, there are three autonomous communities governed by the PSOE – Balearic Islands, Castile-La Mancha and Asturias – and the other PP – Galicia Gobierno central is the moon, which was when the place was finalized.

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