The Getafe de Quique knocks down a harmless Espanyol without RDT

  • The parakeet team truncates its good streak in the bottom field, which achieved its first victory in the League.

  • Two goals from Enes Unal, the first from a Chilean, defeat the Catalan team, which still does not win away.

The hot streak of Spanish Finish in Getafe. In the field of bottom and without the assistance of sanctioned Raúl de Tomás, the parakeet team was harmless against a much more intense and hungry rival (2-1). The block of Quique Sánchez Flores, the first bet of Chen Yansheng for the bench, he added his first win in the League in 12 games. The Blue and Whites cut off a series of four games without losing. Next Saturday they will receive Granada before the national team stoppage that will lead to Camp Nou derby.

It soon became clear which equipment was in greatest need. The bottom started with one more gear than parrots, who were outmatched by a willful and innocent rival. Getafe completely dominated the first half hour, but crashed with him fashion man of parakeets, the omnipresent Diego Lopez, that thwarted the chances of Alena and Arambarri.


The collection of miracles of the “octopus”, as defined by the technician Marcelino, could not be expanded before the artwork by Enes Unal, who beat the Galician goal with a beautiful Chilean. The great maneuver of the Turkish forward was preceded by a control with the chest of Koffi, which was ahead of a Embarba too contemplative.

Was the deserved reward for the men of Quique, who celebrated the goal in style against his former team. The goal, at least, stirred the parakeet spirit. It was difficult to make it worse and Espanyol found the draw almost out of nowhere, thanks to a set pieces action with prominence of its centrals. The headbutt of Cabrera ran into the crossbar and Sergi Gomez he scored in the subsequent rejection with a shot that was as unsightly as it was effective.

Double change

The minute of glory could be completed with a good chance of Embarba, who did not know how to define before Soria. That ball at RDT’s feet would surely have ended up in the net. Even so, the tables were positive for a too bland Espanyol that came out alive again in a double chance of Unal just before the break.

In a pulse marked by heavy rain, Vicente Moreno he opted for a double change at halftime. He dispensed with the pause of Darder and Melendo and gave entrance to Yangel Herrera and Loren going from 4-2-3-1 to 4-4-2 with a more physical football and direct with preferential attention to strategy.

Seven added

Without fluency or clairvoyance, Espanyol entrusted all its danger to the passing game, but Unal appeared again to take advantage of a empty behind perica. The Turk’s double left the Catalan team wounded, which went for the tie in the final stretch with more will than success.

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Not even in the seven minutes added there were options to match. The worst game of parakeets arrived on the visit to the bottom. Getafe knew how to suffer and Quique added his first victory against the club that fired him in April 2018 when he was fifth in the queue.

Getafe, 2; Spanish, 1

Getafe: Soria (6); Nyom (7), Djené (7), Mitrovic (6), Koffi (7); Damien (5), Maksimovic (6), Arambarri (7), Aleñá (7); Enes Unal (9), Darío Poveda (5). Technician: Quique Sánchez Flores (7). Changes: Jonathan Silva (5) for Koffi (m. 64); Mata (6) by Enes Unal (d. 76); Florentino (sc) by Aleñá (m. 81); Cuenca (sc) by Nyom (m. 81).

Spanish: Diego López (7); Aleix Vidal (5), Sergi Gómez (5), Cabrera (4), Pedrosa (5); Morlanes (5), Darder (4), Embarba (4), Melendo (4), Melamed (4); Dimata (4). Technician: Vicente Moreno (4). Changes: Loren (4) by Darder (m. 46); Yangel Herrera (5) by Melendo (m. 46); Puado (5) by Melamed (m. 62); Keidi Bare (4) for Morlanes (m. 72); Wu Lei (sc) for Embarba (m. 89).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 31), Unal, de chilena; 1-1 (m. 38), Sergi Gómez; 2-1 (m. 56), Unal.

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