The Generalitat sends 45,000 civil servants to telework for 15 days

  • The ‘conselleria’ de Presidència activates remote exercise for administrative staff, but excludes teaching or healthcare professionals who may exercise remotely

  • Public employees with confined dependent minors 12 years of age or younger will be able to access paid leave if they are unable to telecommute

The Government of the Generalitat send some 45,000 public employees, the corps of civil servants and the workforce, to telework 100% of the day preferentially during the next 15 days, just as EL PERIÓDICO has already advanced. Among the administrative staff, only those who cannot perform their functions remotely may attend in person. The instruction that the ‘conselleria’ of the Presidency has specified this Wednesday with the unions will take effect effectively as of Friday (inclusive) and will leave out those professionals of the education or from health that due to the characteristics of their position if they could telework, something that has generated the rejection of the centrals. This is one of the measures adopted by the Catalan Executive to reduce mobility and thus try to minimize contagions due to the advance of the variant omicron.

The instruction to be published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC) maintains paid leave for those public employees with confined dependent minors of 12 years or less and that they cannot telecommute. The Generalitat has not incorporated the demands of the centrals, which asked to extend the age of coverage to 14 years. They can also invoke this permission if they have to take care of dependent adults.

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Currently and since September 1 -when the Generalitat completed its particular de-escalation and back to the presence- the civil servants and the labor personnel of the administrative departments could work two days remotely and three days in the office. Now and for at least the next 15 days, civil servants in administrative departments will work from home.

The instruction to be published by the Generalitat incorporates a special mention for those workers who of course cannot telework but who have a personal casuistry that turns them into risk personnel or especially sensitive to covid exposure. For them, the administration contemplates an individualized evaluation of the job to adapt it to the minimum contact with other people. And, if this is not possible, the temporary transfer of said public employee to other functions that do allow teleworking. And if this is not possible, they will be able to take a leave assimilable to a temporary disability until new order of the Generalitat and depending on the epidemiological evolution.

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