The Generalitat promotes a campaign to reactivate local commerce at Christmas

An initiative to reactivate local commerce and encourage citizens to rediscover the historic centres of the municipalities, coinciding with the start of the Christmas campaign, has been presented this Monday by the Generalitat.

Reactivation of commerce in historic centers

The bell “Come to your trade, come and buy“has been presented by the Minister for Business and Labor, Roger Torrent, who has stated that they want to” consolidate this Catalan model based on the proximity and territorial balance “ and that local consumption is a priority of the department he directs.

The campaign aims to reactivation of commerce in the historic centers of the municipalities through the voices of merchants who transmit an emotional and direct message to the population.

The dissemination will be done through an advertising video, four press announcements and two radio spots, it will have a presence on social networks and will have outdoor advertising inserts to cover the entire Catalan territory.

Coinciding with the start of the Christmas campaign, the General Director of Commerce, Jordi Torrades, has indicated that expect sales to improve compared to last year and equal or better than 2019, before the pandemic.

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A sector of the most affected

According to the Department of Business and Labor, the local commerce has been one of the sectors most affected due to the restrictions decreed to stop the spread of the coronavirus, with an economic impact that exceeded 90,000 million euros in 2020.

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