The fried egg route: 7 restaurants in Spain to dip bread

  • With chips, ham, boletus and even truffle …

No matter how many impossible spherifications, foam and texture games we put in our mouths, there are times when the body cries out for a basic classic. And in that category, few things can overshadow fried egg.

One of those simple pleasures that it combines with almost anything, from the humblest product to the highest. To eat some good fried eggs, we chose 7 places throughout Spain in which it is time to baptize bread, how can it be otherwise.

Lucio Huis (Madrid)

A legend. Since the 1980s, there has not been a famous person who has not gone through Madrid and not the cracked eggs of Casa Lucio (Cava Baja, 35). The trick is that there is no more trick than frying -very good- some quality eggs, usually without side, and placing them on a bed of potatoes – of course also fried-. Although the classics carry nothing, in the tavern lucio’s eggs (Cava Baja, 32) they also joined them Bacon, ratatouille, chistorra or half a portion of ham.

Hotel Landa (Burgos)

There are restaurants along the road and restaurants along the road. In Landa (Madrid-Irún highway, km. 235, Burgos) they have been entertaining travelers since 1959 with a gastronomic offer and a service that made it a mandatory stop for the ‘foodie’ (formerly gourmets).

Among his reference specialties, his fried eggs with lace and black pudding from Burgos, which is sold by the hundreds every day and even eaten for breakfast. A real plate.

3. Half-ration (Madrid)

There is no better conductor for aromas, textures and flavors than the yolk of a fried egg. A definite example is the black truffle, which harmonizes perfectly with its sweetness. In the Media Ración restaurant at the Hotel Urso in Madrid (Mejía Lequerica, 8), the chef Antonio van die Alamo close a plate of fried eggs with truffle in the days devoted to this fungus. During the rest of the year, the eggs do not disappear from the menu, but are still presented together Sweet potatoes, black pudding and sobrassada in a tasty combined plate.

The ‘Mercao’ bar (Marbella)

And Danny Garcia He says it’s for a reason his favorite place to eat breakfast in the world. Rubén Pérez Cano is the ‘alma mater’ of this temple for any devotee of good food, located in the municipal market of Marbella (Jacinto Benavente, 1).

Among its specialties, there is no shortage of anthology fried free-range eggs accompanied by Jamon or whatever falls that day, of lean with tomatoes a Peppers. To dip a whole loaf of bread.

5. The fried egg (Bilbao)

The name of this delicious tavern (Maestro García Rivero, 1, Bilbao) says it all: adorned with caricatures of footballers and popular atmosphere, it is body and soul dedicated to fried eggs. they put it in casserole with Iberian ham or with History or in the format of ‘pintxo’from the hand of blood sausage and homemade red peppers or with zucchini and caramelized onion omelette. A bar to fully enjoy all the possibilities that an egg offers.

6. The Mingo Mill (Peruyes, Asturias)

Located in an Asturian village with difficult access – the road is not narrow, the next – it is one of the most charming restaurants in Asturias (Finca El Molín de Mingo, Peruyes, Asturias). People come here for their legendary rice with ‘pitu de caleya’, but the dishes they prepare with eggs deserve a separate chapter. You should try the “traditional dish”: fried egg with potatoes, corn tortoise and ground chorizo, a combination that is to die for. Another option is to egg accompanied by a cream of mushrooms and ‘boletus’ to lick your fingers.

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7. Mories House (Madrid)

In this updated traditional cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Madrid (Plaza de San Miguel, 5), egg dishes occupy a prominent place. Not only do they have very good potato omelettes, but they also make some wonderful fried egg dishes. The chef Beltran Alonso is responsible for proposals as addictive as some fried eggs that go hand in hand with crispy pork tenderloin in brava sauce and carabineros tartar. A lovely sea and mountain in which, how could it be otherwise, the egg yolk acts as a common thread.

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