The fragility of Cs leads Arrimadas to offer the PP a coalition in Andalusia

  • The leader of the liberals proposes joint lists to the popular ones, with whom she has governed in coalition since 2019

  • Moreno has not analyzed that possibility and rules out for now the electoral advance

The delicate situation of Citizens as a party after the collapse of November 2019 (it fell to 10 seats in Congress), the flight of some of its most prominent members to the PP (such as Toni Cantó and Fran Hervías) and the disappearance in the Madrid Assembly (they did not achieve any deputy on 4-M) have led Inés Arrimadas to offer a coalition to Pablo Casado to appear together in the next elections in Andalusia, which will be next year although they still have no date.

The president of the oranges made the announcement this Saturday at a colloquium organized by Europa Press in Seville and in which her colleague Juan Marín, current vice president of the Juanma Board, participated. Moreno (PP). “You have to value anything to reissue the Government respecting that [PP y Cs] we are two different parties, “he said about the possibility of participating in joint lists. Both formations already did so in the elections in Euskadi, in July 2020, although the result was very bad: they started with nine seats and won five.

The PSOE-Vox “clamp”

The leader of the Liberals made it clear that she has not yet analyzed that option with the PP, but believes that it would be very useful because it detects an “anti-change clamp” between the PSOE and Vox. The comment upset Juan Espadas, general secretary of the Andalusian Socialists. “Those who came to make the new policy, look how long they have taken to deliver everything to the right of the PP,” he stressed.

The latest quarterly barometer of the Andalusian Studies Center (Centra), the Andalusian CIS, pointed out in October that the PP continues to grow electorally (15 points above the PSOE) and could reach an absolute majority with Vox. With Cs, in that study, he couldn’t do it for a seat.

In President Moreno’s team they confirm that there have been no conversations for that possible joint concurrence with Citizens. “We are not thinking about lists or elections, but about the Economic recovery Andalusia, “one of the advisers told this newspaper, who does not clarify whether he considers that the option would benefit them electorally.


Related news

In Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo he refused to run with the oranges in the 2020 elections. The leadership of Pablo Casado respected the position of Feijóo, a powerful baron of the PP with several absolute majorities behind him. The leader of the PP, on the other hand, did not act the same with Alfonso Alonso, who was the candidate in the Basque Country and neither did he see positive going hand in hand with the liberals. However, the alliance with Ciudadanos was imposed on him and, finally, he was set aside as the headliner. Casado decided to bet on the hard line and put Carlos Iturgaiz in his place.

In Andalusia, Vox, budget partner of the PP-Cs coalition Executive formed in January 2019, has refused to approve the Budgets for 2022, a problem without too much seriousness for Moreno, which could extend them, although he could also use it as excuse to advance the elections, an extreme that for now discards. In fact, he himself assured last Tuesday that the call to the polls will take place between June and October of next year. The legislature will be four years old in December 2022.

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