The world’s most expensive companies are listed in New York and Saudi Arabia, those that exceed a trillion dollars in their market capitalization value.

Six companies have added $ 2.79 trillion to their market value this year to reach $ 12.08 trillion together.

The six most valuable publicly traded companies in the world are Microsoft, Apple, Aramco, Alphabet (Google), Tesla and Amazon. All preferred by investors.

The value of these six issuers currently represents 53% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States, which is 20.68 trillion dollars, or 14 times that of Mexico of 871,794 million dollars as of the third quarter of 2021.

If the 12.08 billion dollars were distributed among Mexicans, taking into account a population of 126 million people, each one would get two BMW x3XDrive30i trucks, whose price is 1 million 80,000 pesos.

With that money, each Mexican could buy 70 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has a cost of 29,999 pesos.

The most valuable company in the world is once again Apple, with a market value of $ 2.59 trillion, trading at a price per share of $ 157.87 on the New York Stock Exchange. This year its performance has been 18.98 percent.

The second site is from Microsoft, with a capitalization value of $ 2.56 trillion. It is listed on the NASDAQ at $ 341.27 and is up 53.43% in 2021. Its software development business, computers and cell phones, as well as the cloud service, data storage, boosted the value of the company and for a few weeks surpassed Apple.

Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco is worth 1.96 trillion dollars and trades on the Saudi stock exchange at 36.80 riyals per share. This year it has risen 5.14 percent. In its Initial Public Offering it exceeded 2 billion dollars and was placed as the most valuable.

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Google parent Alphabet has a market capitalization of $ 1.99 trillion. Its shares are selling for $ 2,996.77 each on Wall Street.

The e-commerce giant Amazon has a market value of $ 1.87 trillion and its stock is trading at $ 3,696.06.

Tesla, the manufacturer of electric cars is the new member of this exclusive group with a market value of 1.10 billion dollars until this Thursday. This year its shares are up 55.37% and are selling for $ 1,096.38 each.

Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), the world’s largest social network, is very close to reaching $ 1 trillion in capitalization value. Its value is 942,154 million dollars.

However, pressures such as antitrust regulation and other measures have dampened investor optimism.

Pandemic helped

The businesses of technology firms were boosted mainly by the increase in the use of electronic devices as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Heriberto Sandoval, Investment Advisor at Increase Kapital, said that “For a few weeks Microsoft was once again the most valuable company on the New York Stock Exchange and that was thanks to artificial intelligence, the cloud and business services. Its income today comes from different divisions and not only from a preponderant product as it was years ago, so its value is based on the positive results obtained ”.

According to Carlos Hernández, senior analyst at Masari Casa de Bolsa, “Microsoft has two points in its favor. The first has to do with its high net and operating margins, as well as a good performance in generating profits. The second is due to a growing area from cloud services, which will continue to be a growth door ”.

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Oil price rises

Aramco is the only company within the group of six, which does not belong to the technology sector, since its business is the extraction of oil.

This is precisely the reason for its increase in market capitalization value this year, since the rise in international oil prices, derived from the recovery of global demand, has advanced considerably compared to 2020.

In 2021, the European benchmark Brent from the North Sea has gained 56.8% and the American West Texas Intermediate rises 62.84 percent.

Recently, Tesla lost nearly $ 200 billion after its founder Elon Musk conducted a survey on social networks in which he asked whether or not he sold 10% of his shares in the assembly plant.

Cipactli Jiménez, a private investor, said that “in 20 years, perhaps, the other automakers will have fully entered the world of innovation and electric cars, which will steal the market from Tesla. People prefer the more accessible cars of other brands, because also the spare parts are much cheaper ”.

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