The European Parliament asks to investigate the connections of the Catalan independence movement with the Kremlin

The Parliament European has asked this Wednesday that the ties between the independence Catalan and the Intelligence Russian, following the information published by the American newspaper The New York Times.

The majority of MEPs have supported the amendment tabled by the group social democrat claiming to investigate the links of the Kremlin with the Catalan independence movement. The MEPs of the PP, PSOE, Citizens and Vox, while the representatives of Together, ERC, PNV and United We can. The greens have abstained en bloc.

“Recent revelations about contacts narrow and regular between Russian officials, including members of the security service, and representatives of a group of Catalan secessionists in Spain require an in-depth investigation “, says the text that has received the approval of 462 parliamentarians.

“Russian interference”

As defended by the Croatian socialist Tonino Picula, author of the amendment, this case “could turn out to be another example of russian interference in the Member States and the constant attempts by Russia to exploit any issue that may promote the destabilization internal of the Union “.

In this way, the report prepared by the popular Lithuanian Andrius Hot tub on the relationship with Russia will include this request. It will be approved this Thursday in its entirety and will demand that the EU be prepared not to recognize the elections russian next September 19, when the 450 seats of the State Duma.

The report asks that the European bloc take this position “if the elections are recognized as fraudulent and that they have been carried out in violation of democratic principles and international law”, something that Kubilius considers to be happening in Russia, where he Kremlin “It is destroying political competition, leaving no chance for a fair election.”

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