The EU has been recommending that vaccine certificates last nine months since Tuesday

  • Some countries have already announced shorter validity periods up to these 270 days

The European Union will apply from Monday new rules for digital coronavirus certificates, for which it represents an expiration date of nine months after completion of the full regimen (without booster dose), although some countries have already announced shorter validity periods to these 270 days.

“In accordance with these new rules, Member States must accept vaccination certificates for a period of 270 days (nine months) from the completion of the initial vaccination schedule, “the Commission said in a statement, adding that member states” should not apply another period of validity for travel within the European Union “.

For other domestic uses (such as access to culture or restaurants), each country can apply different standards but “they are invited to align with the period of validity set at European level”.

For vaccines with a two-dose schedule, the period is equal to 270 days after receiving the second dose; in the case of countries that require only one dose of the vaccine after overcoming the disease, the 270 days from that single injection are counted.

For the Janssen vaccine, of a single dose, the 270 days are administered in the same manner.

“This reflects the declining protection of the vaccine and underlines the importance of getting a booster dose, ” European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said in a statement that the Commission would monitor the need to change these rules on the validity of the certificate.

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This Tuesday will also take effect new rules on how it is reflected in vaccination certificates booster doses: will appear as “3/3” for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines and as 2/1 for Janssen.

The certificates already issued that do not have this format must be corrected and reissued.

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