• The resolution of the TSJC that requires 25% of classes to be taught in Spanish further stresses the educational community

Various teachers’ unionsthe student union (SE) and the Association of Family Federations of Catalonia (AFFAC) will take to the streets this Saturday in Barcelona in defense of the Catalan public education. A manifestation which will serve to warm up engines for the strike days called for May 17 and 25 and June 2 and 9, with which teachers seek to force the Department of Education to accept some of their demands.

The educative community arrives at this demonstration after a week marked by the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that gives the Department of Education 15 days (the term expires on May 30) to give instructions to schools to apply the ruling that requires 25% of classes to be taught in Spanish.

In this political-judicial scenario, one of the demands of the organizers of the demonstration will have special weight: the demand for Educació to assume its responsibility in the defense of linguistic immersion and to give legal coverage to all the staff of the centers educational. The teaching staff is restless and hopes that the ‘conseller’ Josep González-Cambray Give clear instructions on what to do. Many of them trusted that the modification of the language policy law It would allow the sentence to be circumvented, but the unchecking of Junts has left the linguistic pact aground for now. Waiting for the Parlament to unblock the project and for Educació to give instructions, Òmnium Cultural has activated the judicial process to avoid the execution of the sentence. “We will not leave teachers, students and families alone”, said the president of the entity, Xavier Antich.

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The defense of the linguistic model is not the only one of the demands of the mobilization this Saturday. Other demands are the investment of 6% of GDP in education, reverse cutouts of the last decade, the deployment of the decree of inclusive schoolthe withdrawal of the calendar order advance the beginning of the course, the rejection of the new resumes or the progressive withdrawal of the concerts – the disagreement on this point has caused some unions to distance themselves from this protest -.

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The demonstration will go at 12:00 in Plaza Universitat and will advance towards the Ciutadella park. The conveners have organized a day of play and protest that will include a popular paella and, starting at 4:30 p.m., children’s activities and talks by teachers.

Minimum strike services

The first of the strike days called jointly by the teachers’ unions will be this tuesday may 17. It will be a partial stoppage, from 08.00 to 10.00 hours, like the one on June 2. The stoppages of May 25 and June 9 will be complete. The Department of Labor has already made public the minimum services for these days. In all educational centers there must be:

  • A person from the management team (director, coordinator, head of studies, secretary) and in the case of nurseries, a member of the faculty.

  • In infant, primary and ESO, one teacher for every three classrooms

  • In special education schools, 50% of the center’s staff

  • In nurseries, 50% of the center’s staff.

  • For the educational complex in Tarragona, 50% of the dining room and kitchen staff, one maintenance person per shift and maintenance of the usual nursing and surveillance service.

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