The Eastern REM, an opaque dossier

More and more voices are raised to describe and denounce the multiple flaws of the REM 1 and the Eastern REM. The air component of the latter would be a disaster for the urbanized areas crossed.

The route of the two eastern REM branches seems designed to draw as many users as possible from the green line and the future SRB Pie IX, rather than to respond to underserved customers.

The non-competition contract gives the owners of the REM the possibility of controlling other public transport circuits and preventing optimal service to the populations in their various journeys. In addition, the possibility of selling to private interests, probably foreigners, will give these potential owners strategic power over the future of the region.

Why did you give the Mount Royal tunnel to a private entity? Will CDPQ Infra pay the fair price for the public rights-of-way used by the overhead REM? Why can the owners of the REM capture the added value on the land to be developed without the consideration being given, the payment of compensation for the properties whose value will be encumbered by the air journey? Why an 8% income guarantee on investments?

In short, this project must be examined from all angles: urban impacts, asphyxiation of the rest of the public transport network, possibility of strategic foreign control over the Montreal region and improbable financial package.

The current process is incredibly opaque for a file of such strategic importance CDPQ Infra must immediately get out of the equation and give the Agence régionale de transport métropolitain the mandate to analyze the needs and study a range of modes and routes that will be subject to real public consultation.

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