However, the three Quebec boxers all agree that a lot of work remains to be done to restore order to the federation.

Finally, in all honesty…finally! I think the healing for many can begin. For my part, I know that it will not give me back the Olympic Games, it will not give me back my ambitions. These deep wounds, they exist and it’s up to me to heal them, but at least I can do it by being at peace with myself, having no regrets for not having said anything.Da Silva Rondeau told Radio-Canada Sports.

It’s a real liberation, many have been waiting for this moment for years. It demonstrates the power of solidarityreacted Ariane Fortin, Olympic athlete in Rio in 2016 and now president of Boxe Quebec and trainer for the national boxing team of South Korea.

Daniel Trépanier was notably accused of favoritism in the selections for the Olympic Games. He was supposed to be present at the Women’s World Boxing Championships this week, but the IBA withdrew his accreditation.

Like Myriam Da Silva Rondeau, Sabrina Aubin, bronze medalist of the 2018 Commonwealth Games at 57 kg, would have liked the change to be made long before.

It’s hard to explain how I feel about this news. My joy is indescribable because for so long we have wanted this change. I’m also mad because I wish he had done it while I was there, before I got hurt and before we did so much damage to our amateur careers. , whether coaches or athletesshe explained.

Although the departure of Trépanier is seen as important news by the three boxers, they believe that the cleaning within the federation must continue.

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I think we got rid of one bad apple, but there are several more. It is the tree that we must cut down to restructure and restart an organization with competent people in their position and their respective work. People who know boxing, human people who will want to build a federation with values ​​that will prioritize athletes and their well-being to optimize performanceadvanced Aubin.

He’s been building his little empire over the last few years and he was part of a big part of the problem, but all those who collaborated and let these absurd decisions pass, those who closed their eyes to everything that was going on and approved of this way of working are also part of the problemshe added.

Asked about the identity of a candidate who could fill the position, Ariane Fortin had no specific suggestion.

These steps were not taken with the aim of putting a specific person in place so, to answer your question, I don’t have a name to give you right away. [pour un successeur NDLR]. There is still a lot to change at Boxing Canada. Daniel’s departure was the first big step. Now, it will not just be a question of putting new competent people in place: it will be necessary to give these people the necessary leeway to change the ways of doing thingsshe said.

Myriam Da Silva Rondeau, eliminated during the preliminary round in the -69 kg category at the Tokyo Games, believes that three specific objectives must be achieved for things to really change.

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All three motions must pass: that Boxing Canada employees and the high performance program be subject to a third-party evaluation chosen by the provincial federations, the results of which would be disclosed to all members. The establishment of a national selection team composed of one member from each of the provinces and responsible for writing all the selection policies that will now be used with an emphasis on competitive results. And finally, that there be a vote of no confidence in the Board of Directors of Boxing Canadashe said.

The three boxers all agreed that this work must be done for the health of boxing in the country and the future of the next generation. They want young people to be able to work in a healthy environment and not be constrained in their opportunities for success.

All we want is for the Olympic dream to become an option for everyone, for it to be fair and for this nightmare to finally end.said Sabrina Aubin.

It is a big thorn removed for many, many people, added Myriam Da Silva Rondeau. Several athletes kept posting their stories until the news broke. We will have to heal the wounds now and apologizing is still a recognized effective method when we make mistakes. I say it like that. Better to apologize than to live with regrets. Let’s watch out for more!

(With information from Jean-François Chabot)

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