The CUP remains in what has been said. The latest offer from the Government has not convinced the cuperos, who have decided this Saturday to maintain the amendment to the entire 2022 budgets and continue negotiating even after Monday, when they will vote against the processing of the accounts in the Parliament. Now, the future of the talks will depend on the Executiu, since at the same time it is deepening a pact with the ‘commons’ to save the budgets.

Meeting in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona), the open parliamentary coordinator of the ‘cupaire’ candidacy, made up of 11 organizations and members of the 15 territorial assemblies, has analyzed the proposal of the Executiu and has decided to maintain the veto, accepting the validity of the voting of the bases last Monday. The militancy then issued a notice to the Government and warned that, if there were no more transfers, the nine deputies would veto the figures. The rank and file decided with 63% that the party present an amendment to all the accounts (which was registered on Wednesday), without this implying interrupting the negotiations, an extreme that 68% shared. Up to 95% then valued that what was on the table was insufficient to vote in favor of the accounts.

The progress

The talks continued throughout the week and the CUP specified its demands in five areas: macro-projects, housing, taxation, the independence roadmap and public order. The Generalitat yielded in several: it set the creation of a working group for “the new attack on the State in the form of referendum“-which will start in early 2022 to six bands, parties and entities-, he limited to” the first half of 2023 & rdquor; the evaluation of the dialogue table, closed the pact so that the housing item reaches 1,000 million euros “based on income” and agreed to promote a study to change the water management model. In addition, he undertook to deploy the taxes provided for in the climate change law, starting with cruise ships in 2022 and economic activities that generate greenhouse gases in 2023; already review all those court cases against protesters in which he has appeared – those in which an agent accredits injuries and the responsibility of the aggressor is known.

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Of course, the Government did not move a tab on the macroproyectos, since it withdrew from the € 120 million item for the Hard Rock in the Camp de Tarragona and compromised the candidacy of the Winter Olympic Games to the consultation in the territory for which 800,000 euros are saved. Nor did it advance in a tax reform as requested by the CUP.

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Party sources argue that the Government has moved “very little” and that “what it is doing is renegotiating the investiture agreement” which, for the CUP, was already “insufficient” after the 14-F elections, although it served to carry to the ‘president’ Pere Aragonès at the head of the Generalitat.

The cuperos consider that it is difficult for the Executiu to want to continue negotiating with them by maintaining the veto, since plan b, the ‘commons’ is activated – although they have also presented an amendment to the whole. For now, what is ruled out is the PSC.

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