The covid outbreak forces the suspension of trips and visits to prisoners in Brians 2

The Department of Justice has suspended permits and scheduled departures of the inmates of the jail Brians 2 of Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona), as well as visits and vis a vis, to contain the coronavirus outbreak detected a few days ago, that already affects 243 inmates.

As reported, the crisis committee of the center –where 82% of inmates are vaccinated– It has decided to tighten the restrictions in the face of the advance of the outbreak, which last Monday forced the confinement of several modules and to suspend the transfers of prisoners to or from that penitentiary.

According to the latest updated data, the outbreak already affects 243 inmates, the most of them asymptomatic, and has forced to isolate eight modules and confine the prisoners of another four, to which are added those who remain in the areas of nursing or mental health.

More video conferencing

Specifically, the crisis committee has ordered the postponement of permits and the programmed departures of the prisoners and to suspend the visits of external personnel, which includes religious services, cultural mediation and collaborators and volunteers.

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They have also been suspended all face-to-face communications with the interns, including intimate and family vis a vis, although the number of videoconferences allowed has doubled, which will now be 20 calls a week.

In addition, the telephone service has been extended to the families of the prisoners of Brians 2, where transfers are still suspended.

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