Although it still hasn’t chosen a leader, the Conservative Party of Canada has continued to widen its lead over the Liberal Party of Canada in recent weeks.

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This is at least what suggests a survey of the firm Nanos conducted on behalf of CTV.

According to the most recent poll, the Conservatives can count on the support of 35.5% of Canadians who plan to vote in the next election, compared to 30.5% for the Liberals. These are, respectively, a gain of 3 points for the Conservatives, against a loss of 3.9 points for the Liberals in barely a month.

The New Democratic Party remains a solid third with 19.2% of voting intentions, down 0.4%. The Bloc Québécois (6.1%, no change), the Green Party (5.1%, +1%) and the People’s Party of Canada (2.9%, -0.4%) follow.

In the eyes of pollster Nik Nanos, Canadians are “a bit tired of the Liberals” and are looking for an alternative.

“It seems right now Canadians are unhappy and the Conservatives are in the driver’s seat. And you know what? If these numbers continue to rise, depending on the outcome of the Conservative leadership race this fall, it could be very bad news for the Liberal Party, “analyzed Mr. Nanos, commenting on the results in the podcast “Trend Line” by CTV.

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