The CIUSSS describes a lack of collaboration on the part of the CHSLD Herron

At the coroner’s hearings on the CHSLD Herron, Friday, a witness from the CIUSSS recounted some examples of what was perceived as a lack of collaboration on the part of the private CHSLD, while the CIUSSS staff came to help, during the first wave of COVID-19, in March and April 2020.

Among other things, the staff of the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal had to deal with a handyman particularly loyal to the management of Herron, who contradicted the people of the CIUSSS, who relocked the doors that ‘they had unlocked, which “undone” what had been done by the CIUSSS.

Tensions were such that he had to be prohibited from coming to the CHSLD unless he was accompanied, said witness Stéphanie Larose, of the CIUSSS.

Another example: the executives of the CIUSSS, when they arrived on site, had asked to obtain the keys to the premises in order to be able to function better. They were able to meet in a room, but did not have all the keys they wanted.

Around April 7 or 8, it was even necessary to bring in a locksmith to open the premises of the laundry room, the food reserve and other premises that the CIUSSS executives needed, said Ms. Larose.

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