The city of Puebla has made 8,194 million pesos in private investment

Puebla, Puebla. The city council of the state capital reported that 8,194 million pesos of private investment have been made in the 250 days that it has been in operation, this for 69 local and national projects, which means the generation of more than 15,000 direct and indirect jobs.

He commented that the arrival of Private capital It is due to the facilities that are being generated in the current municipal administration through the best regulation, which was a request from the businessmen to be able to carry out projects.

In this tenor, he said that the productive sectors still see opportunities so that from the capital of Puebla they can carry out activities, especially logistics

He mentioned that the city council will continue to promote the city in search of investments in the remainder of this year, this as part of the economic reactivation actions.

In the case of the new industrial park, it was reported that groups such as Oxxo and Walmart they will use the facilities, and this will allow the generation of 2,500 direct jobs.

Among the companies that also invested in the capital of Puebla are Kobalto, Grupo Walmart, Grupo Oxxo, Heineken, Star Médica, Farmacias del Ahorro, automotive agencies, real estate developments, Grupo Alsea, Banorte, Autozone, among others.

He commented that although the Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on the decision-making of firms, the municipal government is doing its job of convincing regarding the facilities they provide in the remission of tax payments.

He indicated that there are still four months to go before they complete their first year of operation, but more private investment is expected, so they continue to monitor the projects.

José Miranda, representative of the Private Industrial Park, stressed that this complex was born with all the standards and specifications required for its operation.

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