The city council of Vilassar de Mar is studying the accusation of the owner of the burned ship

The mayor of Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona), Damià del Clot, said on Tuesday I did not know that people in the industrial building burned down this Monday there were two slightly intoxicated, and if it is confirmed that there is a abusive situation on vulnerable people the consistory will appear as popular accusation against the owner of the ship.

In a statement, the mayor confirmed today that the ship that caught fire on Monday had industrial use and so could not be used as housing.

“Until yesterday, the city council had no record of people living on the ship,” said del Clot, who will be waiting for Mossos and Bombers close the investigation to have “the legal administrative picture” of the situation in which the twenty people who were living in an irregular situation found themselves.

Ship condition assessment

During this Tuesday, Firefighters, Mossos and Technical Services of the City Council assess the condition of the building and the social services of the City Council contacted the people who lived there to keep them informed of the situation and to offer them an alternative until they get another house.

Given the structural condition of the building, it is predicted that this Tuesday they can not go in to fetch their belongings.

Last night, eight of the people who lived in it relocated in two floors of social distress of the City Council and in a residence of the municipality and the rest, in the house of friends or family.

Two people were slightly drunk. when the industrial warehouse caught fire on Monday, located on Vía Octavia de Vilassar de Mar and which was apparently partially activated as a house, according to the Generalitat fire brigade.

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the fire started shortly before 13:00., for reasons under investigation, in a cage of the affected warehouse, which was divided into three areas, one of which completely collapsed.

Fifteen teams from the Generalitat Fire Brigade intervened in the tasks to extinguish the fire, which was suffocated. around 5:30 pm this Monday.

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