I have no surprises. Following this, the Pleno of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) has approved with the support of a majority of 15 of its 21 local authorities the dictates on the Law of the Vivienda del Gobierno that advised the plans of the Governor of the Coalition vulnerable to the constitutional division of competences in this matter. The six corresponding vowels, which make the most favorable names a more informative with the Anteproyecto, will present a particular vote of two sources consulted by El Periódico de España.

In very long terms, the text reads as affirming that the plans of the Executive, which include any intervention in the market for alcohol in the denominations ‘tension zones’, can cause legal insecurity to ‘expropriate’ competencies of autonomous communities.

About the content of prices, critique its limited scope and the “farragoso” of the proposed standards, adding that, “needed to combat the effects of the pandemic, its maintenance when it was decided, quizzes were not adequate”. And moreover, the affirmative text that “the patrimonial charge” contained by the final dispositions of the Anteproyecto – the First and the Quinto- is not passed by the Public Administrations without the private tenants not sufficiently compensated with the incentives .

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The text, of 59 pages incidents in which the “expropriation of autonomous regulation by the state legislature will generate, without doubt, a situation of great legal insecurity on the result of which it will certainly be difficult to determine what standard to apply, the state or the autonomy concurden completely between them “. As an example of this superposition of competencies, the text quotes the creation of a new one Alkileres Contract Register.

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The text has been elaborated by councilors Enrique Lucas and José Antonio Ballestero -designed on behalf of the PNV and the PP- after the 14th of January the first mayor had a first version made by the vocalist and former socialist Álvaro Cuesta, which validates the project in general terms.


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