The best plans this week in Barcelona


The best electronic night

The ‘DNIT’ cycle returns to CaixaForum Barcelona with an appointment that is difficult to refuse: electronic producer Angus Finlayson, alias’Minor Science‘, presents his show’ Absent friends’ in Spain, this time in collaboration with the visual creator Want Morgo. Friday, the 22nd, at 10.00 p.m..

Overview of Barcelona art

The exhibition ‘Notes for an eye fire’ inaugurates ‘Panorama’, a series of transdisciplinary projects that explores the artistic practices of Barcelona and its surroundings. It brings together works commissioned on purpose and recent productions exhibited for the first time. At MACBA, starting Friday, the 22nd.

Almost two decades of In-Edit

The musical documentary film festival In-Edit Barcelona inaugurates its 19th! edition with ‘American rapstar’, by Justin Staple, immersion in the history of the young and complicated rappers who have used SoundCloud as a platform to success. Thursday, the 28th, at 8.30 pm, at Aribau Multicines.

La newsletter de On Barcelona

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New Sónar proposal

Sónar organizes, in collaboration with the UPC and Betevé, the new AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival, dedicated to the confluence of artificial intelligence and music. Among the outstanding events, the collaboration between Holly Herndon (photo), Maria Arnal and Tarta Relena (Thursday, the 28th, 7:45 pm, at the CCCB and via streaming).


Finneas is better when he records with his sister

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I mean, he shines when he produces Billie Eilish, but he gets strangely boring and corny when he composes and produces his own repertoire. Under its avant-garde cover, the debut album ‘Optimist’ hides an overly conventional repertoire, as highlighted good part of the criticism.

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