The best champagne under $ 50?

We will tell each other the real deals: between $ 30 and $ 50, we often find more interesting bubbles elsewhere than in Champagne. And when you find it, it’s often just good. Nothing to write to his mother.

Hence my amazement when I came across this novelty. Family production on a human scale with around 50 hectares of vines around Bar-Sur-Seine, in Aube. This also explains the proportion of 100% Pinot Noir, the star grape variety in the region.

The estate has undertaken an organic approach for a few years and certification should come soon, I am told. Whatever. The truth is in the glass and this extra-brut cuvée impresses with its intensity and aromatic elegance. An “old school” style as they say in English: notes of brioche, dried fruit, flower and apple.

The palate is rich and vinous in attack. The finesse of the bubble gives it a creamy mid-palate impression while remaining structured. Notes of candied citrus and croissant punctuate a fresh and sustained finish.

Blindly served to several guests, most were willing to pay over $ 60 (me first) for such champagne. However, it costs less than $ 40. As my colleague Raisin would say: “it deserves four stars! “

Paul Dangin, Cuvée Jean-Baptiste Extra Brut, Champagne

  • $ 39.75 – Code SAQ 14222819 – 12.5% ​​- 8 g / L
  • ★★★★ – $$$$


★ Correct

★★ Good

★★★ Very good

★★★★ Excellent

★★★★★ Exceptional

More stars than dollars: well worth the price.

As many stars as dollars: worth the price.

Fewer stars than dollars: wine is expensive.

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