The ax from ‘The Shining’ is now on sale for almost $74,000

A rare opportunity to own one of the most iconic props in movie history has popped up, but be prepared to burn a hole in your wallet for it.

The prop ax had a pivot role in some of “The Shining’s” scariest scenes in 1980 and is now up for sale at UK-based Paul Fraser’s Collectibles for 45,000 pounds or C73,823.

According to Paul Fraser’s website, the lightweight, hard foam ax was substituted for the original wooden ax as a safety measure and for ease of use during filming. It would have been used in long shots and when two or more characters were on screen.

The ax is said to be in good condition by the Collectibles’ store and comes mounted as part of a display, behind anti-glare conservation glass, to “ensure the piece has incredible eye appeal for decades to come.”

The ax appears prominently in the finale of “The Shining,” when Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) wanders through a snow-covered maze after his son. In one of the most iconic scenes, Jack smashes a wooden door in pursuit of his wife.

Two swords were used during production for health and safety reasons during long shots.

The original wooden-handled prop went off the market for four times its selling price at an auction in 2019 for 170,000 pounds or almost C$279,000.

According to Paul Frasers’ Collectibles, only a tiny number of foam versions are believed to still exist. A similar example to the foam sword on sale was sold for C$72,654 in 2019.

A red jacket worn onscreen by Jack Nicholson in the film auctioned for £73,200 or C$120,053 in 2017.

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