The Aubameyang route to Barcelona to meet Dembélé

  • Bundesliga and Premier League picks, Arteta separates and draws the Arsenal bracelet

  • The Gabonese delinquent, which has been castellated by its Spanish mother, is sure to be well aware of the cardiac problems that are affecting South Africa.

  • Since being separated in 2017 from his friend Ousmane, he has marketed four more goals than the French fringe.

Pierre- Emerick Aubameyang, who was present at this luncheon in Barcelona, ​​was planning time for the Camp Nou. Arsenal were one of the teams interested in Coutinho and, despite the need to take on the African goalkeeper, the exchange of chrome parries was a good solution for both clubs. I’ve been hoping to pamper the Premier League, but to meet Aston Villa with his partner Steven Gerrard, the Gabonese scorer hailed the stage. A ‘killer’ with more goals than Morata (the first option) because he had a downfall in Arsenal, where Mikel Arteta the abbot retains the captaincy and is separated by his discipline.

Llevaba 7 goals and assists in 15 finds this course before being separated by Arteta by undisciplined riders: saltarse el protocolo covid para irse a tatuar sin mascarilla y llegar dos veces tarde.

Superado el susto cardíaco

With triple nationality (Spanish, French and Gabonese) he has not been able to play the Copa Africa with Gabon when he detects a cardiac problem, even if he has committed to London that he has committed to a crime and that his coronation is absolutely good “. Somewhat fundamental for any club that wants to play, especially for Barça, has done so with Kun Agüero. When he was suspended from his late medical and media revision when he appeared that his file was lying, he was finally presented with the file of the 10th night at the Barcelona Hospital, from which he delivered one more late.

Aubameyang has a house in Sitges pero and habla castellano is for its Spanish kingdoms: su madre, Margarita, nació en El Barraco, una pequeña locality de Ávila, aunque a los cinco años ella y sus padres se mudaron a Francia. Alli fue donated to Pierre Aubameyang, professional footballer. In his three wives, Willy, Catilina and Pierre-Emerick, he followed his steps as a footballer, although the Benjamin was the one most excited about.

Soccer players

Passes by the side of Milan, the object of this culé debuted as a professional in the Dijon. Despuire de seguir curtiéndose en el Lille y el Mónaco, exploto com goleador en el Saint-Etienne. Borussia Dortmund signed the contract in 2013 and responded with a goal difference (141 in 213 games). Alli compartment of fashion with Dembélé, with which only solo will be inside his also made of the camp. Since its fireplaces are separated in 2017 when Ousmane figured out the Barça, Aubemayang has marketed four more goals (113) than the French extreme (31).

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Pichichi of the Bundesliga in 2017, in the next year Arsenal will be at home with its services. Aportó polvora a los gunners and in 2019, in addition to being the Premier’s top scorer, he also became the team captain. His discipline opened the door to play in Spain, as the promise to his mother that day, but finally will not be to wear the shirt of Madrid near the Barça. And he could share, even if only for a few months, with his friend Dembélé the locker room of a deportation city that had been pissed off for the first time in the media at the end of the market. A medianoche se vio Aubemayang abrazándose con Joan Laporta y el restet de directivos en una imagen que hachía augurar que, a falt de confirmation, vestirá de azulgrana,

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