His project divides as much as it annoys in Brittany. No matter. Nil Caouissin, regional opposition councilor elected on the list of environmentalists and autonomist activists of the Breton Democratic Union (UDB), for which he was spokesperson, reiterates his plea in favor of a resident status. According to this 30-year-old, this is the only way to stop a real estate market that has become “Uncontrollable”, especially on the Breton coast.

The elected representative proposes to authorize the acquisition of goods only to people living for more than a year in the territory concerned by the device. “We need an ambitious policy to allow people to live all year round where we want in Brittany, insists this history-geography teacher. Today, more than 250,000 second homes are empty three quarters of the year when many young households are struggling to buy or even rent a property. “

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Emitted during the placid campaign for the regional elections in June, this proposal was contested by almost all the candidates, who considered it unconstitutional and ineffective. It nevertheless served to alert people to the difficulties in finding accommodation on the shores of the peninsula, where holiday homes are on the increase. According to INSEE, the number of second homes in Brittany grew by a third between 1990 and 2015 and represents 13.8% of the regional real estate stock.

“Scarcity of goods”

“The share of secondary housing rises to 20% on the coast. There are large differences depending on the area ”, specifies Sébastien Pons, deputy regional director of INSEE Bretagne. Thus, in Arzon, a wealthy town located in the Gulf of Morbihan, the shutters of eight out of ten houses remain closed in winter. In dozens of other seaside resorts like these, the population continues to age, while school classes are closing.

Among the Bretons unable to buy on the coasts and tired of seeing their communities hibernate, discontent is growing

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rare goods for sale in these territories are being traded more and more expensive and faster and faster. “However, we do not see an invasion of Parisians as some would have us believe. Last year, one in four seaside accommodation was bought by a buyer living outside Brittany ”, relativizes Vincent Lemée, notary in Rennes and communications delegate of the regional chamber of notaries. “The scarcity of goods has effectively driven their values ​​up. If we compare to other coastal areas of the country such as the Mediterranean or Bordeaux basins, the Breton market is observing a rebalancing of prices. “

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