The Alouettes need to be more disciplined

The Montreal Alouettes will cross the mid-season threshold on Saturday, when they visit the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton. Even if it is not yet the time for the “Birds” assessments, we have to admit that certain trends are starting to emerge.

Every week, it’s the same refrain. Alouettes players play in an individualistic way and face costly penalties. That’s part of the reason for their disappointing 2-4 record so far, which leaves them third in the Eastern Division.

Asked about the reasons for the heartbreaking defeats of the past few weeks, defensive back Patrick Levels did not go all the way and unpacked his bag by videoconference on Thursday.

“We can reverse this trend. We have just lost two games in a row. We are focused on the task at hand and we are very close to the goal at hand. This is what is most frustrating. We need to be more disciplined, all together. Stop taking penalties and playing stupid games, ”he said first.

“Everyone can cover their player, everyone can catch a pass, everyone can make the tackle, but we need to be more disciplined in the crucial moments. It’s not on the whole game. It’s right in the crucial moments, in a third down, or second and long time situation. We all need to be on the same page, not just the defensive line, or the defensive backs – everyone. And when that is done, then we will be difficult to beat, ”he added to complete his tirade.

Alouettes defensive coordinator Barron Miles says it’s not all about discipline. It takes more than that.

“It’s a question of consistency. a [joueur] professional, someone who is consistent in his game, always. And at the moment, we are not a constant group. And it shows. Sometimes we play good football and then all of a sudden we’re like, ‘What just happened?’ We need players to have confidence in themselves, to be consistent throughout a game, not just on a streak, ”explained Miles, adding that this kind of problem can take time to resolve.

“The players have to unite. If a player does not trust his teammate, then he will try to do the job for him, leaving a gap in defense. And so on. This is how a defense crumbles and no one does their job. They really have to trust each other, ”he repeated.

In the Montreal camp, we are beginning to feel the urgency to make the necessary adjustments to find the path to victory. Especially if we want to avoid a correction on Saturday against the Ti-Cats (4-3), the leaders in the East, who have just signed two wins in a row.

The Alouettes will also seek revenge against the Ti-Cats, who beat them 27-10 on August 27 at Percival-Molson Stadium.

“It will be a big game for us. I hope that we will have finally corrected some aspects of our game – I feel like we are almost there. But when you don’t win, well, you stall. So we will have to jump on the field and find a way to beat them, even if it is a difficult place to win. It’s been good this week in training, the attitude of the guys is good, so, yes, I can’t wait for us to take on this challenge, ”said head coach Khari Jones.

Meanwhile, Jones said defensive end Antonio Simmons, who was injured in the last game against the Toronto Argonauts, will miss the game in Hamilton.

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