The AIFA, between the rush and the surprises

planning is a word that is capitalized aviation industry. The security and protection of all operations depends on it. It is essential for the survival of the business. Before the machine learning notable actuaries, mathematicians or economists were hired to help decide the daily course of an airline. More than one jumped from there to occupy senior management levels.

That is why it is striking that in the hours prior to the inauguration of the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), Aeromexico has advanced a month its start of operations in the new terminal and that the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) announced its first arrival from Caracas without the Secretary of the Interior published the necessary agreement to receive international passengers, which happened a couple of days later.

In both cases, the benefit is for the Q4 government, which will no longer have a timid opening with two airlines (Volaris and VivaAerobus), which took the time required to plan and market their first operations.

And to calm the anxieties of those who will fly on public transport that first day and who do not want to pay hundreds of pesos in Uber or live the uncertainty of using the Mexibusa few hours ago the land transport company Caminante (from the glamorous Toluca Group) reported: Attentive notice, all our passengers are informed that as of March 21 we will have a new route from the west terminal (Observatory) to the AIFA.

It will also open routes from the Tollocan terminal, in Toluca, and from Santa Fe to the new terminal. The relevant thing about all this is that it will only be a round trip, for the moment.

It seems that things are picking up their pace, with everything and that the aforementioned announcements, which sound more like pressure than planning, should have been announced weeks ago.

At this hurried pace it should come as no surprise that in the next few hours Aeromar announce that on the grand opening day it will fly to Acapulco, that Interjet resume operations at Vallarta Port or what ART and Magnichart also form in the list of attendees to take off.

Nor should it cause noise that they announce at a morning conference that, temporarily, there will be free transportation on buses from the Secretary of National Defense towards the terminal, leaving the capital’s zócalo.

Another issue that is also beginning to heat up is that of the attractions created around the airport, which was visited last Friday by the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco.

In his social network, the official wrote: The AIFA tourist corridor will have a museum of historic wagons from Mexican Railwaysthe Military Aviation Museum and the Paleontological Museum of Santa Lucia Quinametzinknown as the Mammoth Museum.

Well, well, well, but a preview of the interest and land access facilities to go visit the new facility will undoubtedly be knowing the number of attendees who participate in the cycling route and Sunday walk called for this Sunday, the 13th of March.

By the way, next Thursday the decision of the hasty tender to choose the company that will be in charge of cleaning the terminal will be announced.

In accordance with the requirements, all workers who enter to carry out this work must have a complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19 and among the indiscipline behaviors that will force them to be replaced are: use of cell phones and/or devices that distract activities , fall asleep during the working day inside the facilities, play games of chance, raffles, batches, sales, read or attend to matters not related to their activities or cause intentional or involuntary damage to property, facilities and equipment.

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