Just as the twentieth century was the era of Petroleum, the 21st century could be the era of hydrogen. The needs and conditions are in place to advance towards decarbonization. The decline of oil reserves in onshore deposits and the high cost of extraction in deep or ultra-deep waters, forces us to look for other primary sources of energy, as Israel Hurtado, president of the Mexican Hydrogen Association (AMH2).

“Climate change is forcing us to take decisions and actions that protect the planet and all its species. You need to think about the hydrogen as an energy vector, since it is found abundantly in the universe and is obtained through different chemical and electrical processes ”, he said.

In an interview with El Economista, Hurtado commented that there are hydrogen that stand out internationally, as examples: the injection of the element in a residential network in United Kingdom, on trains in Germany (Siemens), in taxi fleets in Paris (Hype) and BP’s recent announcement of the introduction of green hydrogen in its production processes in a refinery in Germany.

“Palpable examples: ships and planes undergoing experimentation by companies Airbus and FIG, the production of green hydrogen with power from plants renewables in Mexico, a refueling station of hydrogen in Spain, 700 bars of pressure for long-range fuel cell electric vehicles and the estimate that in Chile 100,000 jobs and 20,000 million dollars will be generated in the next 20 years ”.


According to the report “Green hydrogen in Mexico: the potential of transformation”, prepared by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Energy Alliance Mexico Germany, Mexico has an energy infrastructure that allows the development of the green hydrogen and although the regulatory framework already considers some energy uses of this element, a formal inclusion, definition and regulation is required.

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The document indicates that another advantage that exists in our country is that it has international seaports, robust power and gas transmission networks, hydroelectric plants, photovoltaic, wind and other plants of renewable energy. They estimate that the country has the potential to produce up to 1,400 tons of green hydrogen per year.


With the aim of boosting the industry of green hydrogen in Mexico, Hannover Fairs México and the AMH2 signed a cooperation agreement to promote and take advantage of the benefits of renewable energy.

“Raise the production of green hydrogen in Mexico is key to meeting energy security and transition goals, just as they do Chile, Germany, France and Spain”Said Hurtado.

In Mexico

In our country there are projects of green hydrogen that have initial investments programmed for around 1,350 million dollars and the potential is greater, considered the president of the Mexican Hydrogen Association.

The AMH2 has knowledge of initial projects in Baja California, Guanajuato, linked to a solar power plant; another in Durango, which will produce green ammonia and another in Chihuahua, with a cement company.

“There are other companies that bring their own projects for their internal industrial processes, which involve the green hydrogen”. He mentioned that the element could be used in mobility projects in: cars, public transport vehicles, Metrobús and even the Maya Trend.

“In fact, the CFE you are considering using hydrogen green in its combined cycle plants according to the PRODESEN 2020-2035Therefore, among the first actions we will undertake is to socialize the issues related to the hydrogen and involve all stakeholders so that they influence the promotion and development of the industry.

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“Mexico has 150 solar and wind plants capable of producing green hydrogen That works for generate electricity or it can be injected into pipelines to mix with natural gas and as fuel for transport with great success ”, concluded Israel Hurtado.

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