I think that after Spain’s performance in the reborn Eurovision Song Contest, I am one of the few who have something left to say about the so-called Chanelazo’. It is curious to see the euphoria that has caused to be third. It is unimaginable what it would have been like to have won. During all these days I have seen with astonishment crazy fans in the previous, during and after the festival. People waving national flags as if it were a football final. And I wonder: at what point was this festival reborn, which until a few years ago seemed completely dead? Remember the days when an almost insulting indifference was on display. I mean times of Chikilicuatre, in which the festival seemed like a tacky mess. So very few cared that Spain made a fool of itself. Now that devotion and that lost paroxysm has returned, only comparable to what was lived in the Spain of my childhood, that of the 60s and 70s, in which the Eurovision was very important. those times of ABBA and its Waterloo’!

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